My Basmati Jollof rice…

This valentine let your bae treat you like jollof rice. Never let any man or woman treat you just like any kind of white rice.

how to cook jollof rice

Β Bae, you are jollof of life and you are no jollof gate. Here is a quick recipe for basmati jollof rice. This basmati rice cooks like long grain but definitely taste better (in my opinion). I used Tropical basmati rice (sella) and it cooks our Nigerian jollof rice beautifully.

how to cook nigerian jollof

What you will need

3 cups of basmati rice

2 Large red bell peppers

2 medium size tomatoes

2-3 scotch bonnet

2 onions

Beef/chicken stock Β 800ml (optional)

4-6 cooking spoon vegetable oil

2tbsp curry

2tbsp thyme

1tbsp mixed herbs

3-4 bay leaves

Seasoning (I used jumbo chicken)

Butter 2-3tsp (optional)

2 tomatoes and 1 small onions, sliced


Blend bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, and scotch bonnet chilli in a blender until smooth

jollof rice

On a medium heat, boil pepper until reduced to half its original size

Wash rice and set aside (parboil your rice for about 4-5 minutes if you want)

Place a larger pan enough to cook the rice on a medium heat, add chopped onions and fry till soften (like 2 minutes)

Add cooked pepper, curry, thyme, mixed herbs, seasoning and cook further till oil floats on top the sauce

Add stock if using and if not add water about 900ml, add bay leaves and continue cooking till oil floats (stir in between so that the sauce doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Also check for salt and seasoning especially if you are using stock)

Add washed rice into the sauce and stir till well combined. (Your water level should be at least 2cm above the rice)

jollof rice

Reduce the heat and cook for another 10 minutes (check for salt, water and seasoning) add 100ml of water at a time.

Cover rice with foil sheet and continue to cook

Note: It is ok if your rice burns a little… that’s the jollof feel you get without firewood

Add chopped onions, tomatoes and butter if using

how to cook nigerian jollof

Leave rice to simmer away till rice is tender.

how to cook nigerian jollof rice

Serve with side of choice. Enjoy x




  1. Hi, just stumbled on your page on instagram and I love it..muah as per the basmati jollof rice, mine was soggy I guess I underestimated the texture of the rice, but I also noticed you covered the rice with foil paper while cooking, is that to prevent the heat from letting out or what other reason…xxxx

    • Hi Joyce, thank you for stopping by, sorry about the soggy rice. It is very important you know the cooking timing of your rice when making jollof rice or any other kind of rice. I don’t know the brand you use but most basmati requires you to soak them in water for at least half an hour before cooking. the brand I use does not require such and it cooks just fine. I would recommend Tilda or tropical sun (golden sella) brand if it is available where you live. Regarding the foil, I used it to lock in the steam in the rice so I don’t have to be adding water all the time. Jollof rice cooks better in its own steam that way it doesn’t get soggy. Thanks a lot and I hope this helps. x

  2. Marian O FNP-C

    Never cooked with basmati before, will try it out and see.

  3. Yes,covering the rice with foil is a great way to cook jollof rice,thanks sis for all your help.

  4. Easy to follow recipe and tastes great!

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