Ayamase (Designer stew)

designer stew recipe

Ayamase also called designer stew is the ‘fraternal twin’ of the ofada stew I recently made. The same ingredients are used except for tomatoes and instead of using the red bell pepper; you use the green bell pepper. You can use variety of green peppers and chillies you want.

Ayamase requires a lot of patience when cooking and in my opinion it tastes a lot better when left to rest for some few minutes or hours before serving. Trust me it tastes a lot better if done this way. Ayamase is served a lot at parties and in restaurants here. People look forward a lot to it, when you have your next guest, wow them with your ayamase stew. It is always a favourite.

Just like I pointed out in the ofada stew, one of the processes involved for this wonderful stew entails bleaching the palm oil which can be very dangerous if not handled with care. I recommend you bleach on a low heat in a well ventilated kitchen.


What you will need

4-5 large green bell peppers

3 onions, chop a half bulb and reserve for oil

2 – 3 red or orange scotch bonnet

500-800g of cubed assorted meat, cubed (I used fresh lungs, ponmo, shaki and beef)

6 boiled eggs, peeled

Iru woro 2-4tbsp (locust beans)

Seasoning (used knorr beef cubes)

Salt to taste

5-7 cooking spoon of palm oil

2-3 tbsp ground crayfish (optional)


Boil assorted meat with  seasoning cubes, onion and salt.

On a low heat, pour palm oil in a shallow pan and bleach till palm oil is transparent but not black (this should take about 30 minutes if done on a low heat). Do a pepper test for the oil; dip a white paper in the oil and if it comes out clean and translucent then it’s ok to be used for the stew.

While waiting on the palm oil to bleach, blend bell peppers, onions and scotch bonnet chilli on a pulse and bring to boil.


To cook the sauce

If you see residue in the oil, allow the palm oil to cool down a bit and swap pan to a clean one then carefully pour the oil leaving the dirt out.

Place the swapped clean pan on a medium heat, and then add the chopped onions, then the locust beans. After about 30 seconds of frying add cubed assorted meat and fry for another 3 to 5 minutes


Add the boiled pepper and cook for about 5 minutes. Add little water to dilute if sauce is thick and reduce the heat.


Add boiled eggs, stir in gently so as not to break them.

Add seasoning  and salt to taste, add crayfish and continue to cook on low heat, don’t forget to stir in between.

ayamase recipe

Continue to cook until stew sizzles and palm oil floats on the top.

designer stew recipe


Plate up the ayamase with rice






  1. Chai!!! This is beyond tantalizing. Welldone.

  2. silvia baby

    sweet ayamase stew, jst remembered the last one I ate. Babe this is the best easther gift ever ooo am so going to share this stew with my guest Lol. Thanks babe.

  3. This is absolutely yum yum! I’ll try it out soonest. In another news, are you in the UK babes? I should visit ooooo! Lol…….

  4. Wifeofthelacq

    Amazing!! I tried it out . Very simple and straight forward


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