Assorted meat pepper soup

how to make assorted meat peppersoup

Assorted meat pepper soup! just what the Doctor ordered. The weather around here is not the type one can ask for right now. It is so windy that if you are not careful and you lose your balance, you may find yourself in the next street. I was home today and I couldn’t think of what to cook in this confused weather, I was thinking something quick and spicy.

I checked my freezer for what to cook and yes! assorted meat Pepper soup called to me. Pepper soup is a spicy broth popularly served at home, restaurants and parties in Nigeria. It can be made with assorted meat, beef, chicken, or fresh fish. The basic spice (ground pepper soup spice) that makes up this broth can be sourced from the local market and if you wish to make your own then you can buy the spices in its natural form and use according to preference.

As the name implies, this assorted meat soup is VERY spicy and it is not for the weak. In fact this pepper soup can be just what the doctor recommends when you are down with flu or recuperating.


What you will need

1kg assorted meat, cubed

2-3tbsp ground pepper soup spice

1tbsp vegetable oil


Seasoning (eg Knorr or maggi)


1.5 medium size Onions, chopped or sliced

2-3 cloves garlic, sliced

Cayenne pepper, use according to preference

Scent leaves (substitute with dried or fresh basil)


Wash assorted meat thoroughly to get rid of unwanted bits.

  • Β If you are using lungs and liver, I’ll advice you parboil for about 6 minutes before adding to the rest of the meat or simply cut the meat to cube size to allow easy access when washing to get rid of the clotted bloods

Place pan containing washed assorted meat on a medium heat add, chopped onions, garlic, salt, seasoning, half of the pepper soup spice, add enough water to cover the meat and bring to boil for about 15 minutes

how to make nigerian peppersoup

Add the remaining pepper soup spice and vegetable oil and reduce the heat. Also, check for salt and seasoning. Add more water to the broth is needed.

pepper soup recipe

After about 10 minutes, add a handful of scent leaves or basil. I used a combination of dried and fresh basil

Bring to boil till meat is tender.

nigerian pepper soup recipe


Enjoy your hot pepper soup and Happy new month to you all.x


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