Nigerian Salad…

nigerian salad

If you’d guessed Nigerian salad was going to be my next post then you are so right. I just couldn’t afford to let the remaining vegetables used for the chicken shawarma go to waste – food recycling. I had to put it to good use. It is difficult to get Africans to eat salad but thanks to the ‘get fit’ obsession going around. Most people are now trying to ‘get fit’ so why not me hey? Nigerian salad comprises of many vegetables and one important salad dressing ‘Heinz salad cream’. I couldn’t bring myself to eating salad when I was very young, as all that kept staring at me in the face was just greens and a tangy sour salad dressing. In fact I have a very memorable story about me and salad. It is too embarrassing to share on here. Maybe I would share it someday, I might just do so watch the space. lol

I gave some ingredients a miss for this simple recipe as I just did a clear out of what I have basically in my fridge. I purposely did not add sweet corn to the salad as I was too lazy to open the can, I also didn’t add the corned beef as it would make me fatter. Lol and I won’t have any use for what might be remaining of the corned beef in the next few days. Don’t judge me yet, I’m just trying to maintain my height and complexion if you know what I mean. I’ll not be specifying the amount of ingredients needed as you can be the judge of what you  need depending on the numbers of people you will be catering for.

Without further ado, let’s get on to business.

nigerian salad

What you will need



Sweet corn


Hard boiled eggs

Boiled potatoes, peeled


Spring onions

Baked beans

Corned beef

Salad dressing of choice (I used mayonnaise)

nigerian salad


Note: make sure you make your salad in a clean environment, wash your hands and if you have to stop in-between to attend to other things, cover the already cut salad with cling film and place in the fridge.

If you would be making this salad for a large number of people, I would recommend you wear hand gloves for hygiene.

Do not leave the salad in the open air for a long time as it can easily be contaminated. Salads are best consumed within 72 hours at most and if you have added cream to it before putting it in the fridge, consume within 48 hours.

Do not add your salad dressing to the salad until it is needed.

Make your job faster by using grater or food processor for cutting your vegetables

  • Rinse all the vegetables except the eggs and potatoes
  • Cut/chop the vegetables thinly or into chunk manageable sizes
  • Cut potatoes into chunks or as desired and slice hard boiled eggs
  • Arrange the vegetables as you would like in a clean and dried salad bowl, add sweet corn, corned beef (if using), baked beans and boiled eggs, cover and set aside in the fridge until needed.
  • When you are ready to use the salad, mix it all together, add your salad dressing and enjoy.

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nigerian salad

nigerian salad

nigerian salad

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