Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

Today my lovelies, I’ll be sharing this simple and amazing classic smoothie recipe; the banana and strawberry smoothie. Growing up, I had a lot of banana smoothies and sometimes if I needed to jazz it up, I just added peanut butter. Back then I never saw it as being a healthy choice; I just saw it as another way to enjoy eating banana. Apart from chicken, banana is my other weakness. It is very healthy and also full of nutrients, it is antioxidant, full of fibre and protein. Banana is also an energy booster and enough nutrients to keep you going for hours. I am a sucker for banana and I must eat one at least in a day.

Now, I know the importance of smoothie and I don’t joke with it any more. In fact there was a time smoothie was just my breakfast and lunch and I felt better with myself. Once you have mastered the basics of making smoothie, you can then start playing with it to suit your needs. You can even add any vegetable of choice and your body would definitely appreciate it. This recipe is kids friendly too. It can also be frozen and eaten as an ice cream. If your smoothie is too thick when you make it, you can thin it out with water, milk or any other liquid base of choice. If it is too light, thicken with fruits of choice, banana works wonders too

I must thank a good friend of mine and a fellow blogger for coming through to me with this recipe. She encouraged me to post it as I thought it was too basic. She reminded me that classic recipes are never basic. Thanks Sisi Jemimah.

nigerian smoothie

What you will need

10pcs strawberries

2 bananas

100-200ml milk (substitute with coconut/almond/soya milk or water/yogurt)

Ice (optional)

dash of spices like tumeric/cinnamon/nutmeg/moringa powder


Wash and rinse the ingredients, add to a blender or smoothie maker and blend until well combined. Pour into a glass/cup and enjoy.

banana smoothie

See how simple that is.

nigerian smoothie recipe

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