Plantain Moi Moi


Are you still letting the bin enjoy the goodness of your over ripe plantain? Plantain moi moi (epiti) is the new bae As long as your plantain is not rotten, you can make yourself this lovely plantain pudding also known as epiti or ukpo ogede.  If you love eating moi moi (moin moin) then this is another lovely recipe for you to try out in your kitchen. I don’t let anything go to waste in my kitchen or rather, should I say I try to utilise everything I have in my kitchen for maximum output. Whenever I have over ripe plantain in my kitchen I either make dodo Ikire, plantain cake or plantain epiti (moi moi).

Plantain moi moi is very easy to make and you can eat it with akamu as you would with beans moi moi or you can choose any other protein of choice. These days I tend to use corn meal to thicken my pudding as I like the texture I get from it. I have used flour to thicken it in the past but I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I do with the corn meal. Hubby suggested the addition of bean flour and I might just be trying it out next time. If by any chance you try this method before I do, let me know how it turns out and if you would be trying my cornmeal method, do keep me posted as I love seeing the magic you create with recipes from the blog.

plantain-moi-moi Plantain moi moi and beef suya

What you will need

1 overripe plantain

1 red bell pepper (tatashe)

1 scotch bonnet chilli (ata rodo)

1 medium size onion



2tbsp ground crayfish

1Csp palm oil (substitute with veg oil)

Few pieces of smoked catfish fillets

100g fine cornmeal (substitute with polenta or flour)



Peel the plantain and cut into small chunks

In a blender, add plantain, scotch bonnet chilli, red bell pepper and catfish fillet and blend till smooth

Empty the pureed plantain into a bowl; add crayfish, salt, seasoning and mix till well combined

Add palm oil to the mixture and mix thoroughly till well combined

Add the cornmeal to the mixture and combine well.


Scoop the mixture into a foil container/ banana leaves/nylon /moi moi leaves/ ramekins and steam on medium heat for 45minutes to 1 hour. check on the plantain pudding intermittently and make sure the pan have enough water to steam.  Alternately, you can bake the plantain pudding in the oven.


Take the plantain moi moi off the heat and serve.

plantain-moi-moi-5 Enjoy your plantain moi moi (ukpo Ogede/epiti) with some yummy beef suya

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  1. NotANutellaLover

    oh my goodness. am i the only one totally blown away with the way you wrapped the mixture like the leaves. good job. the recipe looks great and easy to make

  2. Pls what can the cornmeal be substituted for?

  3. Is corn meal same as corn flour and why must I put corn meal instead of just wrapping the grinded plantain like that. Thank you

    • Hi Temmy, cornmeal is different from corn flour. I have not tried cooking it without any binding agents before. I know wheat flour works well with it too. you can try without it and let me know how it turns out. thanks a lot for stopping by

  4. Hi Ajoke, so i tried this recipe it didn’t turn out well… sob, sob.. i added regular all purpose flour (a sprinkle) and poured the paste in a rubber bowl(those regular moimoi bowls) i will try again

    • Sorry to hear that, use the right amount of flour next time. don’t give up on it. the end result is usually yummy in the belle. lol


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