coconut rice and beans

Easy Coconut Rice and Beans


Coconut rice and beans? Yes please…Rice and beans is a popular meal combination eaten in Nigeria; it is also popular in some part of West Africa too. I know of the Ghana waakye and the Hausa’s of the Northern part of Nigeria also have their own way of cooking it likewise.

Rice and beans is a very tasty, hearty and easy meal to make. For today’s recipe, I added coconut milk to my rice and beans to give it that bit of oomph.  This meal can be eaten on its own and you can also add some other ingredients of choice to make it more to your taste. By the way I have made this, you can choose to eat it with fried stew or ofada stew. Add a little bit of that extra something to your rice and beans and make it more palatable. 


What you will need

1 cup of beans picked

1.5 cups of rice


Coconut milk


1 small onion, chopped

2tbsp vegetable oil

Note: cook rice and beans simultaneously to make the job faster in the kitchen


Wash beans clean, add to a pan and bring to boil till about 80% done. Decant the water and set aside


Wash and rinse rice clean till water runs clear and set aside

Add coconut milk to a pan and place on a medium heat. Add the rice to the coconut milk and check for the coconut milk level. The liquid should be about 2 inches above the rice. Alternatively, use your preferred method of cooking rice. Once the rice is about 70% done, add the beans and check for water level. Add more coconut milk or water at this point to balance it out.

Add salt, vegetable oil and chopped onions to the rice and cover. Cover the pan with a lid. Reduce the heat to avoid burning and also keep an eye on it. Check for salt

how to cook rice and beans

Once the coconut rice and beans is done to your taste, mix it together till well combined and take it off the heat.


Enjoy the coconut rice and beans  on its own or with obe ata dindin.



  1. Thanks for this recipe , I made it last night and it was so nice. I’ll be making it again soon.


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