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Ayamase (Designer stew)

Ayamase also called designer stew is the β€˜fraternal twin’ of the ofada stew I recently made. The same ingredients are used except for tomatoes and instead of using the red bell pepper; you use the green bell pepper. You can use variety of green peppers and chillies you want. Ayamase requires a lot of patience when cooking and in my opinion it tastes a lot better when left to rest for some few minutes or hours before serving.

nigerian stew recipe
sauce, Stew

buka stew (owanbe)

Behind every blogpost is a story, but there is no story behind this stew. If you have been to a few owanbe’s (party) or if you have marked register in your local bukas/mama put, then you will know what I am talking about. This classic recipe is simple and you can use any kind of meat to achieve this.

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My quick Catfish Stew…

As I got better, I craved for catfish pepper soup but was too weak to make one. I missed Nigeria at that point, trust point and kill joints, where all catfishes come in different shapes and sizes. My catfish is not much of a point and kill but frozen. To be honest, it is not bad at all in taste but just that you have to settle for the size you see.