Nigerian Fried Rice

At most owanbe parties, Nigerian Fried rice is usually available on the menu and everyone seems to have different method of cooking their Nigerian fried rice.

how to cook nigerian rice

 I catered for my Cameroonian friend once and she said she would rather have chopped meat in her fried rice instead of liver, mainly because of her guests, it added a different twist to the rice.

Basically Nigerian fried rice is cooked with stir fried vegetables and I believe you can make yours however you want it. It is simple and can be made healthy with some few swaps and portion control.

how to make nigerian fried rice

What you will need



White pepper (optional)


Ground ginger and garlic (optional)


Chicken stock

Runner beans, sliced

Carrots, chopped

Sweet corn

Spring onions

1 medium size white onion

Liver, boiled,  chopped and fried

Prawn (optional)

Green bell pepper, diced

2.5 cups of rice, washed or parboiled

Vegetable oil

  •   Don’t be discouraged by the exhaustive list of ingredients, like I mentioned earlier you can make this to your choice, skip the ingredients you are unable to source. Curry, seasoning, stock and thyme are very important in cooking Nigerian fried rice. I have had fried rice that was cooked with carrot, green peas and sweet corn before that tasted nice.
  •  If you are using chicken/turkey stock, use less oil in cooking rice as the stock usually contain oil. See ingredients picture.
  •  You will be needing 2 cooking pan for your rice, one to cook the rice and a bigger one to stir fry rice with vegetable.
  •  It is important to prep your vegetables before cooking.


For some reason I can’t explain I don’t parboil my rice to cook fried rice or Jollof rice. But if this method is not for you, skip this bit and go straight to cooking parboiled rice in chicken stock.

Like I mentioned just make it your own. I assure you one thing; you can never go wrong using this method. I learnt this from my mum and it’s never failed.

Place a pan big enough to cook rice on a medium heat, add oil, heat for about 2 minutes, add washed rice and stir for about 2-3 minutes. (Don’t let rice stick to the bottom of the pot)

Add chicken stock (if stock is not enough to cover the rice, add water to it) curry, thyme, ginger, garlic and seasoning. Reduce heat and allow cooking until tender.

Check in between, add water if needed and don’t forget to check for salt and seasoning

basmati fried rice

Whilst you are waiting on your rice to cook, you can stir fry the vegetables or just wait till rice is cooked.

To stir fry vegetables

Add 2-3 cooking spoonfuls of vegetable oil in a wok/ frying pan, heat for about 3 minutes, add the hard vegetables first, then the other soft ones, add curry, thyme, salt and seasoning and fry for another 4-5 minutes till vegetables are a bit tender. (See pictures as guide) If you are using processed green peas, don’t add to your stir fry as it would go mushy.

nigerian fried rice

Now moving on to the next bit, time to use the slightly bigger pot

Place the bigger pan on a medium heat, add 1-2 cooking spoon of vegetable oil, heat for 2 minutes, (divide cooked rice and fried vegetables into 2 or 3 batches). Add rice to the oil, then the divided stir fried vegetables and fry for about 2 minutes.

Repeat the process for the remaining rice and vegetables. Leave to cook another 2-5 minutes. Take pan away from the heat and serve with sides of choice.

nigerian fried rice

how to cook nigerian fried rice

Enjoy your Nigerian fried rice….



  1. silvia baby

    Thank you very for taking ur time to show us different methods of cooking, tried ur method of cooking Nigeria fried rice, and it worked. loved the result am so going to try it again. Thanks my luv xxx .

  2. Thanks for this post. keep up the good work


  4. Hi, this recipe looks great. Is there any way to get the quantity of the ingredients used? Like how many cups of chicken stalk, or spoonfuls of seasonings. Thank you!

    • Hello Sike, kindly use the pictures as guide. keep the stock/water level a little bit above the rice or the same level and cook on low heat.Use the seasoning according to your taste. I hope that helps

  5. Hi,

    could you please give the recipe for the chicken?? because this looks like it was stewed aftewards. thank you.

  6. Hi…will this method be the one to use when cooking for a larger number of people, e.g..300 to 500? Or a different method is required… especially with the frying bit. Thank you

    • Hello, please kindly check coconut fried rice recipe on the blog as that would be the method I would use for large quantities. Its the best method and it’s never failed too. Still follow all the steps here and use the picture on the other recipe as guide. Thanks and do let me know how you get on.

  7. Hello! Please, what type of rice did you use? Many thanks


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