agege bread recipe

Easy Home made Bread (Agege Bread)

agege bread recipe

I finally nailed Agege bread recipe. If you think bread- making is a hard job, then think again. This is a fool proof method I found here. I tweaked the recipe a bit, I have made this twice now and I tell you nothing beats home made bread. The lovely aroma coming out of the kitchen oven would blow your mind away. This is the easiest method to make Nigerian styled Agege bread. You can use wholemeal flour, and adjust the amount of sugar you use for this recipe. I will update you as soon as I nail the Naija type.

agege bread recipe

What you will need

500g strong bread flour or strong plain flour, more for dusting

25g butter (substitute with 2tbsp olive/vegetable oil)

40g sugar (use less or more)

7g fast action dried yeast

280ml warm water

1tsp salt

1 egg for egg wash (optional)


To make warm water for this recipe, use 100ml of boiling water then add 180ml cold water to make lukewarm water.

Don’t worry when you mix your dough and it is sticky, when making bread, the wetter the dough the better.

You don’t need to activate your yeast if you are using fast-action dried yeast


Melt butter and add to 280ml warm water

In a shallow bowl, add all dry ingredients and mix together

Stir butter and warm water mixture into the dry ingredients


Put sticky dough onto a lightly floured plain surface/ worktop and knead for 5 minutes. Add more flour if needed but don’t add too much. Knead till dough is no longer sticky but stretchy.


Oil or butter a loaf tin and put the dough in the tin making sure all areas are covered

Cover with clean kitchen towel or use a big plastic bag to cover the dough and leave to proof for an hour or more till the dough doubles in size/ fill the size of the tin


  1. Preheat oven at 200 degrees Celsius

Egg wash bread if you choose (I did because I wanted a shinning finishing)

Bake bread for 30-35 minutes until the top is golden brown

easy-bread5 My lil one approved too…


You won’t be able to resist finishing your Agege bread all at a go once it is done, well I couldn’t.  Enjoy.x



  1. Never knew bread making could be this easy. hmnn we learn everyday, thanks for this

  2. 🍞 making made easy! I’ll sure try my hands on this ASAP.

  3. Ikeneche Ifeyinwa Christiana

    I love what am seeing. they are very lovely. yummy yummy

  4. anne dewandeleer

    looks terribly tasty..would love to try it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the recipe

    If I have yeast that needs activating how much do I need pls

    • Hi Suzy, you will need the same amount of yeast used in this recipe. to see how to activate yeast, kindly check other bread post on the blog. thanks

  6. wow ..tnx alot..never knew iy could be made this easy and simple..

  7. Thanks for this recipe. It was so easy and turned out right. Just wondering why in other recipe’s for bread they proof twice? i.e after first rise they punch it down and then allow to rise again, but you didn’t do this.

  8. I have tried this recipie twice now and it always turn out amazing. It also smell like a Nigeria bakery when baking. Thank you soo much for this recipe.

  9. toye tosin

    good job,welldone adejoke

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  11. What is the baking alternative in the absence of an oven?

  12. Hi Ajoke, Just so you know, ive been on a 6 year quest in search of THAT agege bread recipe, but nothing comes close to the real deal, so far at least. I am never discouraged to give any new recipe a try, which is why im here. Just to clarify, You said to Preheat Oven at 200 but didnt specify degree C or F, can you tell me which? I dont want to assume.😜.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi namesake, how do I use this recipe with a breadmaker, because I have one . Thanks you

    • Hi namesake, I don’t use a bread maker but I’m sure it should be easy. Follow the instruction on your bread maker manual. also, I have not tried making bread with almond flour before. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. Thanks for stopping

  14. Also if am using almond flour, how do I substitute it

  15. Amazing omg I made it today. I am n medical school and I wanted a break. Thanks for this recipe. How can I send you a picture?

  16. I would like to make this but I don’t have a scale. Pls is it possible to give the measurements in cups and tablespoons. Thanks in advance😉

  17. I cant seem to find either strong bread flour or strong plain flour anywhere. Can i use the regular bread flour or all purpose flour for this?

  18. I will surely try this out. Thanks for making it so easy. Would get back to you

  19. Well explained, keep up the good work. I also publish on the impact of Nafdac and food making in Nigeria and other health matters

  20. My bread turned hard, I use a fan assisted oven, would you kindly give me some tips on how I can do this better next time?

    • Sorry to hear about the bread Stacey, one the many things I can think of is maybe you added too much flour when kneading your dough or maybe you didn’t knead the dough enough

  21. thanks for d recipe. my question, can banking powder be added to d flour when baking bread??

  22. Please can you put us cup measurements instead of grams measurements

  23. Jubemi Omabuwa

    My bread came out hard and stone like…. I was so sad. Are there any additional tips you can give because I want to try this again.

    • I am sorry to hear that, next time you try, make sure the dough is not hard (make it wet) just as described in the recipe. thanks and do keep me updated

  24. Hi, Ajoke, I am very interested in trying out the bread recipe here, but like the earlier person noted, there is no indication whether the 200 degrees is F or C. I went back to check if you updated it on the recipe but I do not see the update. Kindly help. Thanks.

    • My bad, I didn’t realise I hadn’t updated the recipe. It is 200 degrees Celsius. Thanks for your patience and kindly let me know the outcome when you try the recipe.

  25. Adewunmi Peter

    This was just so easy and super.
    Thanks a lot.
    Thou I made mine into burns and it was inviting.
    Good Job.

  26. Adewunmi Peter

    I will send you the pix

  27. @dheevahair

    Wow…I’m definitely trying this out. Looks yummy…well done!

  28. I’ll definitely try this soon and I’ll definitely give feedback. Also can I substitute the water for milk?

    • Yes you can use a mixture of water and milk. I made some today and I added 50ml of evaporated milk and melted butter to my warm water(300ml in total)
      kindly let me know how it turns out. Thanks


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