Groundnut Soup (Omisagwe)

Omisagwe or groundnut soup as popularly called is everything and more and can I just say super easy to make too

The Yoruba’s have a saying that “obe ti baale ile kii nje, iyawo ile o gbodo se” meaning “a wife does not prepare a delicacy her husband does not want or eat”.  Well I beg to disagree, hahaha with the hope that my ancestors wouldn’t mind.

What brought this on? Bae doesn’t like peanuts, and well he is kind of allergic to it. Each time I bring up the idea of cooking groundnut soup, all I get is “remember I am allergic to it”. I have not had groundnut soup in about 4 years and today, I broke the jinx. I cooked groundnut soup (also called omisagwe)  and bae ate out of it yes. He couldn’t resist it, after the first pounded yam morsel, he told me in my language “o de dun o” meaning “it’s actually delicious” and after the whole meal, He said to me “babe that was nice”. To cut the long story short, if the soup is well cooked and delicious, “hubby would eat it”

This is to my Edo people out there; I hope I have done you proud.

omisagwe recipe

What you will need

200g raw groundnut

Handful of spinach or bitter leaves (finely chopped)

½ a bunch of basil or Scent leaves



Stock fish, washed

½ tsp ground Uda (This can be sourced from the local market)

1 Csp Palm oil

Ground crayfish

700g-1kg meat/assorted meat (I used beef, ponmo and tripe)


2-4 scotch bonnet, blended (use according to preference)

omisagwe recipe


Place a pan on a medium heat, add washed meat, chopped onions, seasoning and salt to taste then bring meat to boil till tender. Add stock fish at the tail end of the boiling process so the flavour can infuse in the stock. (I used shredded stock fish, if you are using a large one, it would be advisable to add with the meat from the beginning of the cooking process. This allows it to be soft enough to your likeness)

omisagwe recipe

Place a frying pan on a medium heat, add groundnut and roast for about 5 minutes, tossing in between.

Blend roasted groundnut in a dry mill (you can blend with crayfish if you want. I added couple of dried shrimp’s head to mine)

how to cook omisagwe

To the boiling (tender) meat, add pepper and continue to boil for about 5 minutes

Add palm oil and continue to cook till palm oil is well incorporated into the sauce. (Between 7-10 minutes)

Add powdered Uda if using, it makes a lot of difference to the soup

Slowly stir in blended groundnut to the sauce, make sure it is not lumpy and add water if it is too thick. (Groundnut soup can be eaten in any thick consistency but I recommend not being too loose) Add crayfish at this point if you didn’t blend it with the groungnut

Continue to cook for another 10 minutes, stir in between, add salt and seasoning and also check if the soup will be needing more water.

Add chopped spinach or bitter leaves

If you are using bitter leaves, don’t forget to squeeze till you get rid of the bitterness

Add chopped basil or scent leaves

dont cook the vegetable for more than 5 minutes to be able to retain its freshness and not lose its nutrients.


Soup is ready to be served with pounded yam or swallow of choice

how to cook omisagwe

groundnut soup

Cook omisagwe for yourself or any other person and I’m sure you will get the same reaction I got or even better.

I love reading from you too and don’t forget to leave a comment if you try this recipe or any of my recipes. Enjoy




  1. Eni Eniola

    Enticing babes,good job

  2. This is really nice, I have never tried it with scent leaves before. I’ll be trying it out soon. well done

  3. Very nice. I have never had it. Will try to find raw peanuts no access to groundnuts and try the recipe.

  4. I liked ur page on Facebook ,but now am loving u so much. Thanks so much for this platform, I appreciate u a lot. I am going to be a great wife through u. Thanks alot

    • Aww thanks a lot NIfemi, tell bros he has got nothing to worry about. you are a full package. lol x

  5. Pls, Ajoke is there a yoruba or English name for Uda? Hopefully the Yoruba woman at Brixton market will know what Uda is. Just to be on a safe side, hence the reason for my curiosity…….

  6. Harun Gift Danesi

    Ajoke this is my native soup That i have missed……….. I cant wait to cook this


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