Nigerian puff puff will always be bae

Who says No to Nigerian Puff puff ever? No one! These little bad treats are so good and I dare you to stop at one

how to make nigerian puff puff

Puff puff will always remain a bae anywhere you find it. It is one of the favourite snacks of Nigerians, a popular street food and I make it a lot and I mean a lot to a point that I recently told myself I won’t make it for at least another month.  Puff puff has always been my weakness and I need puff puff detox.

Nigerian Puff puff is very easy to make and you can always put your signature on it. I always add chilli pepper to mine and it’s always nice and fluffy.

Nigerian puff puff

You can’t go wrong with this Nigerian puff puff recipe. I have simplify making this recipe by including step by step guide to help you especially on how to fry the puff puff


600g all purpose flour

7-10g fast action yeast (I always use a sachet 7g)

150g sugar (use as desired)

½ tsp salt

550-650g Lukewarm Water

1-3tbsp chilli flakes (substitute with cayenne pepper)

Vegetable oil for frying

Puff puff needs proofing, so you will need a shallow big bowl that will allow for proofing

If you are using a fast action yeast, you don’t need to proof the yeast, just add to the flour 

image of Nigerian puff puff

How to make Nigerian Puff puff

In a shallow bowl, add flour and salt together (combine salt with flour first)

Add other dry ingredients and combine well


Add lukewarm water to the dry mixture in bits to form a batter. You can add 500g at first then check if it needs more water. (the batter should not be runny and it shouldn’t be thick as well, find a balance in between the two)

Cover the bowl with a cling film or a damp towel and place in a warm place to proof. (Till batter doubles in size usually between an hour or two. You can leave it longer if you want)

how to make puff puff

Once the mixture has risen and doubled in size, you then move on to frying.

People always find scooping batter in oil very tricky but I tell you it is very easy.

on a medium high heat, add enough oil to a  frying pan and heat till hot. Drop a tiny bit of batter in hot oil to test and if the batter floats to the top of the heat then it is ready to use.

puff puff

Method on how to scoop batter to oil with your palm

1.       Get a clean water in a bowl

2.       Dip your hand in the water to wet it a bit, shake off excess

3.       Dip you hand in batter, draw the batter towards the bowl and yourself

4.       Keep batter in between your fingers and palm

image of how to make puff puff

5.       Squeeze batter in-between your palm and allow it to drop freely into the oil

6.       Don’t overcrowd the oil

7.       Batter should float to the top of the oil, this is where the magic start, I just love the bits when the puff puff starts turning in the hot oil (reduce the heat a bit at this point so that puff puff can fry through and be well done)

how to fry puff puff

8.       Fry puff puff on both sides till golden brown

9.       Repeat process till you have exhausted the batter

image of puff puff

If the hand method is not for you, simply use a scoop  to put batter in oil.

image of puff puff on news paper

Serve with any side of choice. Enjoy

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  1. Hi! I live in the US. Do you know the measurement conversions, please? Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  2. I just made my batter. I hope it turn out good because I had a problem with the amount of flour. My measuring cup has only cups and ml so converting to gram was an issue even tho I checked the internet. Thanks for the recipe 💝 I’ll let you know how it turns out

  3. I’m a little confused about the measurements…I dont want to make too much…how many can the 600g make?

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  5. Wifeofthelacq

    Omgeeee !!! I made it and it came out very good, My husband had about ten before I was done. The only thing was the measurement was off so I had to do my own calculations the 600g is equivalent to almost 4cups and the sugar is almost one cup. I used one cup of brown sugar

  6. Hello Dear, Please what is the equivalent of 600g of flour in cups.

  7. Eugenia Obeng-Darko

    Omg thnks dearie can’t wait to try this

  8. joy oserohwovo

    It’s as flat as pancakes, #sadface

  9. joy oserohwovo

    Hi dear, thanks for this, been wanting 2learn. God bless. I just made it (Infact still in the kitchen) and it didn’t turn out so well. The batter didn’t rise after 3hrs and it’s flat in instead of round, I think it’s cause it didn’t rise. Please leme know what my error was. Already boasted to my colleagues that i’ll be making some puf.


    • Sorry to hear about this Joy and tell your colleagues you will nail it next time. Like you said too, the puff puff was flat because the batter did not rise. Next time you want to try it, make sure you check the date on your yeast to be sure it is not out of date.
      2. keep your water warm and not hot (the yeast would not activate if the water is hot)
      3. use fast action yeast and still follow the process on here.
      Please don’t give up as I know it can be frustrating, I’m sure you will nail it this time ’round.
      thanks and I hope this helps. kindly keep me posted

  10. Rabi Musa Saulawa

    Very interesting……ot that I thought I knew…..thanks

  11. Thanks well done how about baking soda and nutmeg are they necessary.


    • Nutmeg yes, but baking soda is a NO NO as far as I know and you don’t need baking powder too just add yeast and any other things you want. thanks

  12. Oyindamola

    Wow you made it really easy!

  13. Can i add egg or milk to make it richer?

    • I don’t see why not, it shouldn’t stop it from rising. please let me know how it turns out. thanks

  14. lol @ puff puff will always be bae. Love your step by step pic guide, it will come in handy the next time i make my puff puff as I struggle a lot with getting it to form a round ball. well done

    • yes o. it will always be evergreen. thanks for stopping by and do try it out and let me know how it turns out.

  15. Omg God will bless u


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