how to make iced coffee

Best Homemade Iced Coffee

iced coffee recipe

My first iced coffee was given to me by my Aunt and it was divine! I can never forget the heavenly taste, In fact that was what made me fall in love with the Douwe Egbert coffee brand. If you have been buying coffee from cafes or have been making yours hot, I bet you would be converted to my homemade iced coffee. If you now want to take your coffee a notch further, add your favourite chocolate drink to it and you would be in heaven.

Coffee and chocolate are match made in heaven called mocha. I love good coffee, whether it’s instant or filtered but I recently fell in love with tea too. Any time I go out to coffee shops, I always end up buying iced mocha or iced frapaccino. My iced coffee/mocha is made with 3 ready made ingredients that can be found in your pantry especially if you are a lover of coffee. I’m sure this recipe would change your opinion of hot coffee forever.

iced coffee recipe

What you will need

1-2 cups of milk

2-3tbsp of good quality instant coffee

3-4tbsp instant chocolate drink (I used Milo)

Sugar (optional)

Plenty ice cubes


To a cup/glass add coffee, milo (chocolate drink), sugar then add a little warm water to form  syrup

Add milk to a blender and blend for about a minute or two

Add ice to an empty clean cups/glass

Add the chocolate syrup to the cup, pour the blended milk and mix together

iced coffee recipe

And there you have it, the best homemade iced coffee/mocha ever. Serve immediately

Enjoy your Iced coffee with a side of popcorn, Starbucks/Costa Coffee has got nothing on this. Simplicity at its best



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