Plantain puffies (plantain mosa)

Today’s recipe is a very quick one, plantain mosa but I called it plantain puffies. It would only take you roughly an hour and after that everyone around your table would be munching away. That is if they are lucky as there is every chance you eat it all before you finish frying it. Plantain mosa/puffies is the new bae at Nigerian parties called small chops but I make my own differently. I prefer to use semolina flour or cornmeal instead of wheat flour. I also add baking powder to it for a bit of crunch. Honestly you would love it. I enjoy eating mine with buka stew but if you have sweet tooth like me you can use some chocolate spread or caramel sauce as dips. You can also use yogurt and basil as dip. Your dipping sauce options are endless. Make it your own, let’s get cooking peeps…

plantain mosa recipe

What you will need

1 overripe plantain

1 cup of semolina flour (250g) substitute with plain flour or corn flour

2-3tbsp sugar (add more if you want but remember the plantain will be sweet enough)

1tsp fast action yeast

1tsp baking powder

Vegetable oil for frying

200-250ml warm water


Peel that plantain, cut into manageable sizes and mash till smooth then set aside till needed

In a bowl add semolina flour, sugar, yeast and mix well till combined

Add the mashed plantain to the dry ingredient, stir the warm water to the mixture in bit and mix till all the ingredients are well incorporated (make sure the batter is slightly thick)

Cover the mixture with a cling film or a towel and place in the warmest part of your kitchen for 30 minutes and allow to rise

On a medium high heat, add enough oil to a frying pan and heat till hot. Drop a tiny bit of batter in hot oil to test and if the batter floats to the top of the oil, then it is ready to use. Scoop the batter, a little at a time into the oil. Reduce the heat a bit to allow the plantain mosa cook though

Fry the plantain mosa till golden brown and drain on a kitchen towel

Repeat the process till you have exhausted the whole batter

Serve with any dip or sauce of choice.

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plantain mosa recipe

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