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Ramadan Kareem! Hope the season has gone well so far? Just some few days left to go and I want to wish you all the best and may the strength of God continue to take you through. There is a saying from where I come from that goes ‘awe tan, oju ti aje’san’ (the fast is over, shame on those that were too lazy to take part in it). Well done my friends and don’t forget my Eid’ meat.

  • This weekly ramadan menu is a guideline to use when you are stuck with what to eat or  what to prepare for Suhoor and  after Maghrib.
  • The most important thing to remember as you prepare for this year’s Ramadan is planning! like I mentioned earlier, this is just a guideline and not to be taken hook, line and sinker and of course we have to be very realistic in following the menu too.
  • If a steady source of electricity is available where you live, prepare ahead by cooking 2-3 different types of soups that can be stored away in the fridge or freezer.
  • Try and make some food ahead for suhoor as it helps runs the day smoothly.
  • Eat more of proteinous foods as it will keep you fuller for long and always keep well hydrated at the times you are to eat.
  • Incorporate vegetables and fruits to your diet at this time to help boost the immune system

nigerian ramadan menu

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Thanks for reading and lets do it again next year.


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