how to make omelette in nigeria

Cheesy spicy omelette

nigerian omelette

This yummy, cheesy, spicy omelette is a copycat from Zilly’s place at Euston. Omelette is one easy meal to throw up in the kitchen and it can be adapted to preference.

I apologise  lovies as I don’t have a step by step photo, as I would normally do but really omelette is easy to make and I trust you would ace it without step by step pictures.

I used two of my products to make this omelette but please feel free to use whatever spice and sauce you have to make it yours. If you haven’t bought and tried my spices yet, you are missing out a lot. They are what your kitchen spice rack needs I tell you. You can purchase them here if you live in the UK or send me an email for international enquires.

how to make nigerian omelette

What you will need (1 serving)

3 eggs

Onion chopped or spring onion (as desired)


Grated Cheese of choice

1tbsp My active kitchen hot chilli sauce

My active kitchen all purpose spice/seasoning

Bullion seasoning of choice (knorr/jumbo/maggi) (optional as I didn’t use)

Little oil for frying


  • Break the eggs into a bowl, add salt, hot chilli sauce, all purpose seasoning, chopped onion and whisk lightly till well combined.
  • Place a frying pan on a low heat, add very little oil about a tablespoon, once hot , add the egg and move around the pan to spread evenly.
  • Once the eggs starts to set, sprinkle the cheese on top. Gently lift the egg on the side to ease it and fold it in half.
  • Slide the omelette unto a plate and serve with salad or chips.

Very yum I tell you

how to make omelette in nigeria





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