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piri piri chicken
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Chicken Piri Piri


If you love hot and spicy food then this piri piri chicken is for you. It is delicious and  moist and you can adjust the hotness of the chicken by adding more or less chillies to sauce.  Piri piri chicken also called peri peri chicken is easy to make and it doesn’t require much effort. In fact, the chicken marinade and the oven, does most of the job for you.

a close shot of garlic butter shrimp
Appetiser entertainment

Garlic Butter Shrimp


Easy Garlic butter shrimp. These shrimps are lovingly cooked in garlic, butter, chilli and lemon juice. They were tender and juicy to the last bite. Garlic Butter Shrimp I don’t want to say this garlic butter shrimp is the best as I have other shrimp recipes coming your way soon.  […]

chocolate truffle on a white marble table with a bowl of chocolate on the side
entertainment Sweets

Garri Chocolate Truffle


I know I say this lot of times that I get excited each time I create a special recipe. Really this time, I am super excited to share this amazing sweet nibble with you all. I call it garri truffle, yeah you heard right… Truffle made with garri. If you grew up enjoying garri cake then you would understand this garri truffle.

vanilla Sponge cake recipe
cakes entertainment

Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake


Finally, I have an easy vanilla sponge cake recipe on the blog! Thanks to the amazing plates used in the photo-shoot for making it happen. This sponge cake was so moist and almost melted in the mouth, the fun bit is… this vanilla sponge cake keeps well in the fridge […]

picture of puff-buns
Appetiser entertainment



Puff-Buns why not? Nigerians love for puff puff and buns knows no bound, we don’t joke with it at all. Puff Puff and Buns (Puff Buns) I was at uncle slim’s house the other day and the boys couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted puff puff or buns. […]

paprika chicken
Chicken entertainment

7 Spice Chicken


This chicken thigh is spiced with 7 kitchen staples spices. It is baked to perfection and absolutely delicious Spiced Chicken I’m sure you all know by now that I am addicted to chicken. Honestly, this 7 spice chicken will change your mind about chicken forever. My daughter normally would not […]

Chicken entertainment Nigerian Recipes

Peppered Smoked Turkey


My love for smoked turkey now has got no bounds, if I tell you I hated smoked turkey when I first had it, would you believe it? I hated it so much that I stopped buying and cooking it. I recently started cooking smoked turkey again after I used the recipe below and I also add it to soups like egusi and efo-riro. 

nigerian samosa recipe
entertainment Nigerian snacks

How to make Nigerian Samosa


Samosa is a popular snack which originated from India but over time, it has evolved and has now been adopted and adapted all over the world. Nigeria being one of the countries that love samosa, never joke with it especially at parties. Every Nigerian party must feature samosa on their menu