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how to make breakfast potatoes
Breakfast brunch healthy

Easy Breakfast Potatoes


Easy breakfast potatoes made with just 3 ingredients, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and packed with flavour.  These breakfast potatoes are so easy to make and quick as well, they make a perfect side to breakfast or brunch I look forward to breakfast on weekends, I am […]

how to make omelette in nigeria
Breakfast brunch healthy

Cheesy spicy omelette


This yummy, cheesy, spicy omelette is a copycat from Zilly’s place at Euston. Omelette is one easy meal to throw up in the kitchen and it can be adapted to preference. I apologise  lovies as I don’t have a step by step photo, as I would normally do but really […]

oil less okra soup recipe
healthy okra dishes

Oil Less Okra Soup


Yaay… Guess who finally cooked oil free okra? Yes, me and I didn’t use salt too… I seriously can’t believe it took me this long to make this guilt free, yummy and healthy Nigerian soup.  I have always known I could make it but the oil eating habit in me shelved the idea. Thanks to healthy eating, I now find it possible and also easy to make too

plantain salad recipe
healthy plantain salad

Plantain salad and Spicy Avocado Dressing


A lovely reader of mine left a comment on one of my posts sometime ago and she mentioned she’s vegan. I was really amazed and happy that the blog is for everyone and some of the recipes are easily adaptable to any dietary need. I made some plantain salad (bole salad) with spicy avocado dressing after I purchased “lean in Nigeria” ebook from

Beans healthy

3 bean chilli (Stewed beans)


Ok, this recipe is an Oyinbo food but I can vouch for it to be on the menu in every household no matter where you come from. This yummy, stress-free food is called bean chilli and it is mostly eaten with rice, taco and all the likes. I was inspired to cook this hearty meal

drinks healthy smoothie

Banana and Strawberry Smoothie


Today my lovelies, I’ll be sharing this simple and amazing classic smoothie recipe; the banana and strawberry smoothie. Growing up, I had a lot of banana smoothies and sometimes if I needed to jazz it up, I just added peanut butter. Back then I never saw it as being a healthy choice; I just saw it as another way to enjoy eating banana. 

Beans Breakfast brunch healthy

Burrito…bring Mexico to your table


Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t try new meals because you just don’t understand them? I have never had burrito before until a friend made me one. I just didn’t really get it, why put rice, beans and some many other stuff in a wrap? To me, it’s just like having rice, beans and meat stuffed in bread

overhead shot of hibiscus (sorrel) drink
drinks entertainment healthy

Zobo Drink


The weather is getting warmer and better by the day and I really wish it stays this way. Lawd! I can’t deal with the cold weather. Last weekend, the weather was very fair to us and I decided to grace it by making a very popular drink I grew up having back in Nigeria, Zobo. Zobo is a dried type of leaf and it is also called hibiscus leaf or sorrel and it can be easily sourced from the market.

ila alasepo
healthy nigerian soup

Okro Soup (Ila alasepo)


As easy as this soup is, I always make a call to my mum still, to ask for the recipe all over again each time I need to cook it (don’t ask me, I don’t know why I do it). My mama makes the best okra soup ever, whether plain or the one pot soup and she doesn’t mess about in the kitchen, she knows her onions. I made this okra soup on Sunday after church and I couldn’t help but share with my fellow foodies.