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Coconut Candy with Nuts

One of the many treats I looked forward to whilst growing up, was coconut candy without the nuts. I remember going to  the stall of this woman and her children who sold the candy in wholesale, I usually go with my friends and we would get discounts and crumbs because we were young high school students.

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Mini Fish Pies…

I made these pies today with my little one. It is easy and fun to make, there was a bit of mess involved because of the help I had from Her Royal Highness which I found a way around in the end. I cleared up separate work space and placed her own little baking items there; that did the magic.

beef kebab
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Beef Kebab and Plantain…

Happy new month my fellow foodies, I can’t believe we are in the second month already. Today’s recipe could pass for a snack or brunch but typically, it is eaten in Nigeria as beer-mate after a stressful day, mostly a reward after a long day at work. Valentine is around the corner and this recipe can grace your table on a date night.