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baked meatballs in a bowl
Beef Recipes, Side Dish Recipe

Baked Homemade Meatballs


Baked homemade meatballs! These baked meatballs are succulent, meaty, beautifully browned and juicy to the last bite. I probably say this a lot about the recipes I post that they are always a hit, apologies if you think this is unbecoming. Unfortunately, I can’t help it on this one. Any […]

Thick and creamy healthy carrot leek soup served in two white bowls and garnished with fresh thyme. Ready to be eaten with a crusty bread roll on the side

Easy Carrot Leek Soup


This carrot leek soup will warm hearts and you might just find yourself making it every week. Honestly, apart from the fact that it is a 30 minutes meal, it is very flavourful, spicy, it is good for the cold and super healthy. The first time I made carrot-leek soup […]

how to make breakfast potatoes
Breakfast Recipes

Easy Breakfast Potatoes


Easy breakfast potatoes made with just 3 ingredients, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and packed with flavour.  These breakfast potatoes are so easy to make and quick as well, they make a perfect side to breakfast or brunch I look forward to breakfast on weekends, I am […]

Sauce and Stew Recipes

Corned Beef Stew MAK’s Way


What is a standard Nigerian family meal without the classic corned beef stew? This stew is everything, it is versatile and very easy to make. When you are looking to cook a mid week family meal on a low budget, this is your go to meal. It is also a perfect breakfast staple. 

An angled photograph of ogbono soup loaded with mackerel, stock fish and ponmo
Nigerian soup recipes

Classic Ogbono Soup


Ogbono (ogbolo/apon) soup is one of my go to soups when I’m running out of time and I need to cook something yet great. Ogbono, is another popular soup in Nigeria and it is cooked differently in every household and can be mixed with different vegetables too.  For today’s recipe, I have made it as simple as I could and this method

nigerian plantain chips
Plantain Recipes

Homemade Plantain Chips and Salsa


Weekends, well if you are not at work means relaxation and fun. It is the time for parties, running errands you couldn’t get to do during the week and most importantly, spending quality time with the family. Plantain chips also known as ipekere is one tasty snack to help relax on a hot/cold afternoon with some chilled drinks.