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chocolate truffle on a white marble table with a bowl of chocolate on the side
Desserts and cake recipes

Garri Chocolate Truffle


I know I say this lot of times that I get excited each time I create a special recipe. Really this time, I am super excited to share this amazing sweet nibble with you all. I call it garri truffle, yeah you heard right… Truffle made with garri. If you grew up enjoying garri cake then you would understand this garri truffle.

Small Chops Recipes

chocolate dipped strawberry


Nigerian government have messed up valentine for all hard life baes..lol well you’ve got no excuse now but to make valentine happen for your loved ones. you dont have to spend heavily on gifts and you dont buy true love with gift either.

Desserts and cake recipes

Tasty Chocolate Peanut Fudge


I was feeling peckish the other day but to be honest I could have just drank water or ate a fruit, instead I went into the kitchen checked in the cupboard and bang I’m making a fudge. For this lovely soft melt in the mouth recipe, you will need 3 ingredients and 15 minutes cooking time.