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image of cooked pasta still in a pan. pasta is cooked in tomato sauce and garnished with chopped scallions
Pasta Recipes

Simple Spaghetti Recipe


Everyone needs a simple spaghetti recipe on their home menu. This easy cajun spaghetti recipe ticks all boxes for that. It is rich in flavour, delicious and very quick to make. It is an absolute delight! This simple spaghetti recipe works all the time and you can make this one […]

a close shot of tagliatelle in a pan
Pasta Recipes

Easy Tagliatelle Recipe


 This is the best 10 minutes easy tagliatelle recipe you would ever make, not only is this tagliatelle delicious to eat, you can eat it with absolutely anything.  A quick and simple recipe that is perfect for lunch pr dinner.   I get lazy to cook sometimes and I can […]