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Nigerian unripe plantain porridge recipe
Plantain Recipes

Unripe Plantain Porridge


Unripe plantain porridge is a delicious one-pot plantain recipe, very easy to make and super tasty. A great alternative to Asaro (yam porridge) Alright, honestly this is the best and the easiest unripe plantain porridge you would ever make. It’s sooo good and you can make it under half an […]

chicken suya recipe
Chicken Recipes

Chicken Suya and Caramelised Onions


I’m back with another chicken post, I’m very sorry my lovelies I am a sucker for chicken and I make it at least once a week besides my regular meals. I made some homemade suya spice the other day (Recipe coming soon) and I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. I was really proud of myself becoming a better spice-mixotologist..