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oil less okra soup recipe
Okra Dishes

Oil Less Okra Soup


Yaay… Guess who finally cooked oil free okra? Yes, me and I didn’t use salt too… I seriously can’t believe it took me this long to make this guilt free, yummy and healthy Nigerian soup.  I have always known I could make it but the oil eating habit in me shelved the idea. Thanks to healthy eating, I now find it possible and also easy to make too

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Mr Monday’s Okra Stew


When I was pregnant with my daughter, all I could manage to eat at some point was Mr Monday’s okra soup. Ok, before you start wondering, Mr Monday is hubby’s work colleague and this okra soup was one of their go to soup when the boys were hungry then. The first time I had this meal I couldn’t believe my mouth. Lol. 

Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian soup recipes

Okra Pepper Soup (Igbagba Ofofo)


It would be a sin if I don’t share this lovely hearty recipe with you all. How are you doing today? This recipe is classic, it is simple and above all yummy. The dish is called okra pepper soup, it is mostly eaten by the Uhrobo people in Nigeria. Seriously, a part of me should move to side of the country mainly for their good food.

ila alasepo
Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian soup recipes, Okra Dishes

Okro Soup (Nigerian Okra Soup)


As easy as this soup is, I always make a call to my mum still, to ask for the recipe all over again each time I need to cook it (don’t ask me, I don’t know why I do it). My mama makes the best okra soup ever, whether plain or the one pot soup and she doesn’t mess about in the kitchen, she knows her onions. I made this okra soup on Sunday after church and I couldn’t help but share with my fellow foodies.

yoyo soup
Nigerian soup recipes, Okra Dishes

Ogbono Soup (Yoyo Soup)


The first time I cooked this soup, I invited my dad to mine for lunch. I called him on the phone and I started going on about this new soup I learnt to cook from the TV. He was like your mum is not gonna like that. I told him, trust me she wouldn’t mind if she tastes the goodness of this soup.