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an open jar with creamy paste in it.
How to's and DIY's

How To Make Garlic Paste


Learn how to make your own garlic paste at home from scratch in simple steps. My cooking manta has always been, if in doubt add garlic, paprika and a pinch of salt. Trust me it works all the time, this cooking condiment will never let you down especially when it […]

my active kitchen spices

My Active Kitchen Spices


My Active Kitchen Spices! My Active Kitchen Spices!! My Active Kitchen Spices!!! I can’t contain my joy people SAY HELLO TO THE NEW MY ACTIVE KITCHEN SPICE RANGE Pepper soup spice: A blend of rich and aromatic spices, it works well with soup, fish and meat Hot chilli sauce:made with red […]

Appetiser Recipes, Chicken Recipes

2 Ingredient Easy Chicken Wings


Hiya, I feel like I have been MIA. Well, I apologise as I have been caught up with the things of life, how are you all doing and how’s the week going so far? Today I will be sharing with you the easiest chicken wings recipe ever. This is just a 2 ingredient recipe and you wouldn’t believe how amazing it tastes.