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Tomato and ata rodo jam recipe
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Tomato and Ata rodo Jam

What other time of the year it is to share this lovely recipe but now. For some years now, I kind of make it a duty to make my own chutney or jam around Christmas time. Last year was epic, as I made sure every food on my Christmas menu was home-made including the drinks. I was so proud of myself and I kinda felt like a superwoman. 

fish stew recipe
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Easy Mackerel tomato stew

If you have not been using uziza to cook, you donโ€™t know what you are missing. I recently started to add uziza leaves to some of the dishes I cook and it has lifted every dish I used it in. I made this tomato stew recently and yes I have to share it with you my fellow foodie. It is very easy to make

nigerian stew recipe
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buka stew (owanbe)

Behind every blogpost is a story, but there is no story behind this stew. If you have been to a few owanbeโ€™s (party) or if you have marked register in your local bukas/mama put, then you will know what I am talking about. This classic recipe is simple and you can use any kind of meat to achieve this.

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Corned beef sandwich

Have you ever had one of those lazy mornings and thinking if only a prince charming could serve you breakfast in bed or vice versa. Well this is a quick brunch recipe for one of those days. This recipe is so quick and easy to make and can also serve as packed lunch for kids to school.