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Ewa Aganyin Sauce Updated

Don’t say it yet, I know I’ve just recently blogged about ewa aganyin but I did promise the last time that I would update the recipe as soon as I lay my hands on one of the missing core ingredients. Anyway what’s not to like about ewa aganyin, I call it Nigerian shito (Ghana sauce).  Also, allow me to brag about some of my friends, yes I have got some cool ones.

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ewa aganyin

Have you had one of those moments where all you crave for is something that can’t be easily sourced? You just want it and if you can’t find it then you try to make your own version or recreate the memory you have about that particular food. I have a craving for Ewa aganyin, (mashed beans and special sauce) Ewa aganyin is one of the most popular street foods eaten in Nigeria.