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Pineapple Lemonade


  Learn how to make the best refreshing pineapple lemonade at home from scratch. It is easy to whip up and very quick too. This is a perfect summer drink that would not only refresh you but nourish your body too. It is incredibly easy to make and only uses […]

rice and vegetable rice in a cast iron pot.
Rice Recipes

Coconut Fried Rice


So I finally cooked coconut fried rice for the blog. About time hey! Making coconut fried rice is very easy but if care is not taken, you can easily overpower the delicate flavour of the coconut like I mentioned in my previous coconut rice post. Anytime I cook coconut fried rice, I make sure I go easy on the amount of curry I use

breakfast quesadilla.
Breakfast Recipes

Easy Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe


  Easy breakfast quesadilla recipe stuffed with soft scrambled eggs, cheese, beans, and peppers. This is a simple breakfast recipe that tastes like a million dollar. It is delicious, quite filling, and healthy. This easy breakfast recipe comes together quickly in 30 minutes, let me show you how to make […]

spaghetti jollof in a pan.
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Jollof Spaghetti Recipe


Hello lovies, hope you all had a good week? Here is a quick recipe for the weekend. If you are a lover of pasta and spaghetti, then this one is for you. You can even prepare your indomie noodles with this super easy recipe too. My friend (Imimi) always make this food while we were in school, she would cook her spaghetti jollof with tomato puree and chilli and I tell you it was the bomb.