Well seasoned crispy potato wedges!! These crispy potatoes are sinfully good. Not only are they crispy on the outside, they are well seasoned and fluffy on the inside. The best part is they are baked and not fried!!! #easypotatorecipe #potatowedges #healthypotatowedges #healthyfrenchfries

Crispy Potato Wedges


 Well seasoned crispy potato wedges!! These crispy potatoes are sinfully good. Not only are they crispy on the outside, they are well seasoned and fluffy on the inside. If you are looking for homemade crispy potato wedges, you are at the right place. I have a thing for smoked paprika […]

a close shot of apple crumble in a ramekin
Desserts recipes

Apple Crumble For Two


 The easiest apple crumble made just for two. This recipe is very easy to make and it’s a perfect recipe for all year round. The first time I had apple crumble was when I moved to the UK and  I haven’t looked back since then. I enjoyed eating it so […]

crispy and sticky asian chicken wings! this is an all rounder chicken recipe for all occasions, coated in honey, garlic and soy sauce, this sticky chicken wings is very easy to make too.

Sticky Asian Chicken Wings


 Sticky Asian chicken wings!!! These chicken wings are not only sticky and sweet, they are also crispy and falls right off the bones. In case you are wondering why there is another chicken recipe on the blog, well I love chicken. I have confessed my love to this so many […]

Egusi soup and pounded yam
nigerian soup

Egusi Soup


 This egusi soup is insanely delicious and easy to make. Before you say I write this about all my recipes, I just want to confirm once again that this is true. This Egusi soup is da truth. Truth be told, this egusi soup recipe wasn’t meant to be posted on […]

image of mr biggs Nigerian meat pies
Nigerian snacks

Nigerian meat pie


I am yet to come across a Nigerian that doesn’t love meat pie. Meat pie is one of Nigeria’s popular street snack and it’s loved by all. Growing up, I always look forward to when my mum would make it or when my dad would buy for us for being good, from one of the popular confectioneries. Meat pie is not just a Nigerian thing;

a close shot of tagliatelle in a pan

Easy Tagliatelle


 This is the best 10 minutes easy tagliatelle you would ever make, not only is this tagliatelle delicious to eat, you can eat it with absolutely anything.     I get lazy to cook sometimes and I can honestly say this is my go-to tagliatelle recipe apart from Jollof spaghetti […]

a close shot of lemon scone with a rind of lemon as garnish

Lemon Scones


 Lemon scones is an amazing treat for any time of the day, lemon scones for breakfast, brunch, late night snack bring it on. I could eat this all day! I never want to go into the argument that comes with how to eat scones, especially among Brits, should the cream come […]

baked spicy chicken thigh on a plate with coleslaw

Baked Spicy Chicken Thigh


I  loooove chicken, feed me with chicken for days and I would be home and dry but please make sure the chicken is moist and spicy. Ain’t nobody got time for bland or dry chicken. My best part of a chicken is the leg and I must be able to crack the bones too. There is a supermarket around here and each time I go to buy my groceries

Thick and creamy healthy carrot leek soup served in two white bowls and garnished with fresh thyme. Ready to be eaten with a crusty bread roll on the side

Easy Carrot Leek Soup


 This carrot leek soup will warm hearts and you might just find yourself making it every week. Honestly, apart from the fact that it is a 30 minutes meal, it is very flavourful, good for the cold and super healthy. The first time I made carrot-leek soup was when I […]