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spaghetti jollof in a pan.
Fish Recipes

Jollof Spaghetti Recipe


Hello lovies, hope you all had a good week? Here is a quick recipe for the weekend. If you are a lover of pasta and spaghetti, then this one is for you. You can even prepare your indomie noodles with this super easy recipe too. My friend (Imimi) always make this food while we were in school, she would cook her spaghetti jollof with tomato puree and chilli and I tell you it was the bomb.

a cup of whipped dalgona coffee.

How To Make Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)


  Let me show you how to make trending Tik Tok frothy dalgona coffee (whipped coffee) at home in easy steps. All you need to make this delicious and creamy drink is 3 ingredients you would already have in your store cupboard, a mixer and 5 minutes. Welcome to the […]

How to's and DIY's

How To Make Oat Flour


  Let me show you how to make oat flour at home in easy steps. It is super quick, easy, cheap and you would be happy you made this homemade gluten-free whole grain flour yourself. All you need is a blender, some oats and 5 minutes. What is oat flour […]

a plate of Chinese salt and pepper chips.
Side Dish Recipe

Salt and Pepper Chips


I visited my friend a while ago she served me chicken and chips, the chips was the best I’ve ever had. Honestly, it was just chips but the taste was heavenly and I even had second round. If I tell you the secret to those heavenly chips was just onions. Frozen chips fried with onions and that took it from the normal chips to gourmet for me.

Chicken Recipes

Simple Roasted Chicken Thighs


The simple things in life are sometimes the best things. Today I’m sharing another very simple chicken recipe and it’s simply irresistible.  If you are trying to stay fit and healthy, white meat is one of the many options you can choose from for your protein diet. The year is still very young and the trend at the moment is everyone keeping fit and trying to lose the Christmas weight off.

yam porridge and peppered beef served in a white bowl.
Nigerian Recipes, Yam Recipes

Yam porridge (Asaro)


I got hubby cooking one of his speciality meal recently and I must give it to him, he doesn’t mess about when it comes to cooking yam porridge (Asaro). To be honest, I hardly cook it because why bother when you have a man-chef. Lol. We both have different ways of cooking yam porridge and while he was cooking this recently, 

collage nigerian food round up.
Nigerian Recipes

Best Nigerian Food You Should Try


  I have put together the list of 9 best Nigerian food you should try and which I can’t live without. Apart from the rich Nigerian culture, Nigeria is blessed with different types of delicious dishes that are affordable, hearty and requires the most basic kitchen staple ingredients. Nigerian Food […]

Beans Recipes

Gbegiri Soup (Abula)


I’m starting this month’s post with my gran’s (Iya Dele) staple, Gbegiri or popularly called abula in some other part of Yoruba land in Nigeria. My grandma used to sell this food and I remember people queuing up every evening to buy from her, she usually serve her gbegiri with Tuwo (corn flour). She prided herself in using fresh ingredients; my best part of the soup is the bone marrow and biscuit-bone that she uses.