how to make breakfast potatoes
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Easy Breakfast Potatoes


   Easy breakfast potatoes made with just 3 ingredients, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and packed with flavour.  They are so easy to make and quick as well, they make a perfect side to breakfast or any other meal that require potatoes. I look forward to breakfast […]

my active kitchen spices
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My Active Kitchen Spices


  My Active Kitchen Spices! My Active Kitchen Spices!! My Active Kitchen Spices!!! I can’t contain my joy people SAY HELLO TO THE NEW MY ACTIVE KITCHEN SPICE RANGE Pepper soup spice: A blend of rich and aromatic spices, it works well with soup, fish and meat Hot chilli sauce:made with […]

image of zucchini frittata with a cup of milky coffee

Zucchini Frittata


   I really love eggie breakfast and frittata would always be a winner in my book especially on days I want to bulk up my meals with vegetables. Zucchini frittata has been making an appearance on my table for a while now. I once made a reference in one of […]

how to make vegetable couscous

Vegetable Couscous


 This vegetable couscous is good to eat on its own or as a side dish, it is light and very quick to make, you would make this vegetable couscous in less than 30 minutes, yes it’s that quick Recently, I started trying to eat healthy and do some swaps with […]

jollof rice recipe

Ramadan Kareem


  Ramadan Kareem! I pray the blessings of Ramadan won’t elude each and every one of you. Amin! I would like to use this post to thank my Muslim readers, My stat shows that you’ve found the Ramadan menu I made some years ago relevant I know Ramadan is ending […]

pasta salad recipe
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Easy Pasta Salad


 Summer, barbeque, cold drinks, salads… sound familiar? Well I am excited about this pasta salad right here; I can boastfully say it’s the best. Dang! I said it haha, honestly apart from the fact that this pasta salad is the best, I had my daughter asking for more and that […]

image of moi moi on a plate

How to peel beans with blender


 Every (or should I majority) Nigerian household at weekend look forward to having beans based breakfast but many find peeling beans the traditional way daunting. Here is a quick video procedure on how to peel beans with a blender. This blender method works well with brown beans as well   […]

salt and pepper chicken wings

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings


 It’s takeaway night and the first thing that pops into my head is salt and pepper chicken wings. Honestly, my choice for Chinese takeaway is not much. I would only eat anything with prawn, rice, chips and salt and pepper chicken wings. These salt and pepper chicken wings are full […]

lamb roast
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One Pan Roast Lamb


 Easy leg of  roast lamb , this lamb was marinated with the most basic of spices in my kitchen but the end result was yummy, so yummy that all plates were empty. Sunday meal in my household varies depending on my mood and what I have planned before hand. This […]