My Active Kitchen (MAK) Spice Range


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HELLO Lovies! Say hello to My active kitchen spice and sauce collection. I have been working tirelessly behind the scene to bring you the best.

My active kitchen spices I’m sure you are thinking is that your best line. lol well, I really don’t have many stories to tell or share today but I promise I would share it soon.

Brief history: My active kitchen hot chilli sauce was borne 26/12/2015 and the suya spice has been forever but I didn’t build on the dream until recently. I promise to give you the whole gist soon.

This suya spice and hot chilli sauce are made in small batches and with fresh ingredients. All you see packed in each bottle is love and hardwork. hahaha, truth be told I have learnt a lot since I started and weekend is still part of the grind for me.

So from my kitchen to yours, I bring you my pride and joy… MY ACTIVE KITCHEN HOT CHILLI SAUCE and MY ACTIVE KITCHEN SUYA SPICE.

The suya spice comes in 2 sizes and I ship within the UK and to almost everywhere across the globe.

To make a purchase, Kindly click the link here if you live in the UK or send me an email here: [email protected]

Outside UK: Kindly send email to [email protected]


My active kitchen hot chilli sauce: Buy here

suya spice

My active kitchen suya spice:

My active kitchen spices

My active kitchen spice kitchen: Buy here


My active kitchen Big jar (250g): Buy here

Thank you all for your support. buy, tell your friends about them, tell your friend to tell their friends. Tag me on Instagram if you bought any of my spices. Together we can keep the hope alive. Support your girl



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