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baked meatballs in a bowl
Beef Recipes, Side Dish Recipe

Baked Homemade Meatballs


Baked homemade meatballs! These baked meatballs are succulent, meaty, beautifully browned and juicy to the last bite. I probably say this a lot about the recipes I post that they are always a hit, apologies if you think this is unbecoming. Unfortunately, I can’t help it on this one. Any […]

lamb roast
Beef Recipes

One Pan Roast Lamb


Easy leg of roast lamb; this lamb was marinated with the most basic of spices in my kitchen but the end result was yummy, so yummy that all plates were empty. One Pan Roast Lamb Sunday meal in my household varies depending on my mood and what I have planned […]

how to make nigerian meatballs
Beef Recipes, Nigerian Recipes

Nigerian Style Meatballs with Rice


Hello my lovelies, it’s been some few days I posted on here and it feels like ages, anyway how are you and hope you all missed me? Lol.  Today’s recipe was dinner some few nights ago and I tell you it blew minds away (Well, If I do say so myself). I cooked an itallian dish in a very Nigerian way just the way my mama taught me.