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This is the day people… you can add ‘author’ to whatever you call me now😂😂 I wrote a cookbook! Yes, I did, well a party food e-Cookbook that works the same as a hard-copy book only that you get to have this on your electronic devices.

party e-cookbook

The party season is upon us and as you know, Christmas is one of the best times of the year. I love Christmas! Especially the Christmas carols, endless chocolate and hosting my friends.  I wrote this e-Cookbook with all of you my darlings in mind.  This is the book you need this season and beyond for all your hosting needs. The recipes in this book are quick, simple and yet delicious. You know I say this all the time, you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen in order to make delicious meals, you just have to be kitchen smart💃 This e-Cookbook will teach you that, no long thing at all, it is straight to the point.

This beautifully illustrated e-Cookbook contains 28 simple, delicious and easy meals that you can serve at your party and it also comes with 3 bonus recipes!

This e-Cookbook is guaranteed to wow you and your guests. The recipes were developed with the whole family in mind and they are very easy and quick to make. The recipes in this e-Cookbook have been tried and tested so many times by me, my family and loads of friends and we have all come to love every bit.


Cooking party food doesn’t have to be stressful and that is why the recipes in this book have been broken down in such a way that anyone would get it. They are that easy to make.

Is Your Party Food Cookbook a Nigerian Cookbook

The book contains some classic Nigerian recipes like Jollof Rice and Native Jollof rice but with my spin on it.  You’ll get an instant download once you purchase this e-Cookbook and the best part is you can use it on any device and it is yours forever.

Here is a snippet of what is in the book…


You can get this book for life for £8.99 or 3000 Naira (for a limited time only) and you can use it on any device. I thank you all for your support🙏🙏 I look forward to your feedback.

You can purchase it from any part of the world (how cool is that)  If you would be paying with Naira, kindly follow the instructions below.

my active kitchen party food


I can’t wait to read your feedback after you purchase my book (I like the sound of that… hahaha my book!)


Thank you all for your kind support. x



As usual, my lovelies, don’t forget to leave me feedback if you bought a copy of my party food e-cookbook and when you try any of the recipes in the book. Tag me @myactivekitchen on Instagram


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