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Nigerian Egusi soup

With over 6 Nigerian Egusi soup recipes on this page, you can learn how to cook egusi soup using different cooking methods, frying or boiling. Egusi soup is made from egusi seeds called melon seeds in English.

Here you will find Nigerian egusi soup with vegetables, Lumpy egusi soup and plain egusi soup called Egusi Ijebu. Go wild and make Nigerian egusi soup with more than one vegetable as I did with this Efo elegusi meta (i.e egusi made with 3 types of green vegetable) If you fancy the Yoruba style prepared with waterleaf then I have got you covered with obe gbure.

In Nigeria egusi and pounded are perfect food marriage and it is also part of Nigerian culture. You can also use amala, eba or fufu too to eat it. Most households in Nigeria cook this delicious soup. This soup is not only eaten in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. I believe we use the same cooking methods with our choices of vegetables making it differs slightly. Request a new egusi soup recipe via my email.

obe gbure elegusi
Nigerian Egusi soup, Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian soup recipes

Obe Gbure Elegusi


I was on the phone to my mum and our conversation soon turned to food. My sister cooked obe gbure elegusi some years back and it’s still the best gbure soup I have had till date. TBH, I have not been able to beat it. There is something about the soup that have never stopped me talking about it, the taste was out of this world, it was amazing. 

Nigerian Egusi soup, Nigerian soup recipes

Egusi Ijebu


Eweso omo Alare, This is one of the easiest Yoruba local soup you can ever cook. Egusi Ijebu as the name implies is from Ijebu and it is very popular too. Le bae is from Ijebu but we hardly cook this soup but the days he feels nostalgic, I have got to get myself in the kitchen and make the soup. This time around I got a bit of help from him especially when my egusi soup started clumping.

Nigerian Egusi soup, Nigerian soup recipes

Egusi Pepper Soup


I hail o my Delta people, today’s recipe is egusi pepper soup. Yes, the same egusi (ground melon seed) we use in making delicious efo elegusi, lumpy egusi and egusi ijebu. When I started this blog some months back, one of my besties from Delta State gave me some recipes of the dishes cooked from her side.