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Easy French Toast Recipe


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Recently, breakfast at mine on weekends has been the yummy and amazing easy French toast.

nigerian french toast recipe

Easy French Toast

It is one of the easiest eggy breakfasts you can whip up. I don’t normally cook on Sunday mornings but since my little madam suddenly became fussy about food, I have no choice but to make some food available. One of such foods is this French toast as it takes less or no time to make especially if you are cooking for 2 or 3 people.

This french toast recipe is as basic as it comes but can sure put a smile on many faces. I always sneakily add cayenne pepper to my French toast and I like eating it without all the other additions like syrup and butter (my madam wouldn’t have it) To keep the French toast warm for everyone, I finish it off in the oven that way, we can all have hot food for breakfast.

The best kind of bread that works for French toast, are thick bread or bread that is not necessarily stale but firm. Agege bread works perfectly well for French toast too. I also use a combination of butter and vegetable oil to fry the French toast and that is one of the major reason I don’t add all the other additions to avoid unnecessary addition of calories.


6-8 slices thick bread

3 eggs

1 small nutmeg grated

Cayenne pepper

Salt to taste

¾ cup  milk

Butter to fry

Vanilla extract

To serve

4 eggs

Orange peeled  or any other fruit of choice

Maple syrup, optional

Icing sugar, optional

butter, optional

nigerian french toast

How to make easy french toast

Set the oven at 130 degrees (this is optional but great to keep the toast warm)

In a shallow bowl, add eggs, milk, salt, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, nutmeg and whisk for about a minute or two till it’s well combined

Place a frying pan on medium high heat (you can use 2 burners/frying pans to make the job easier) add butter to the pan to melt (you don’t need too much especially if you are using a non-stick pan)

how to make french toast

Soak the bread in the eggy mixture one at a time leave to soak for some few seconds and shake off the excess

Fry the soaked bread till browned on both sides (flipping in between)

(place the French toast in the oven while you finish off the rest, remember this stage is optional)

Serve it warm with scrambled egg, syrup, icing sugar, butter or fruits

easy french toast recipe

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  1. mummyglenda

    This is not just breakfast for me oooo, School Snack inclusive!. Thank you!!!

  2. Wawu. Ebuka gonna love this. Another way to get him eating eggs. Nice job x

  3. I never thought to check up french toast recipes before . Thanks for thisrecipe, breakfast is sorted for my family and I.


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