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image of stacks of hot cake

How To Make The Fluffiest Nigerian Pancake Ever


I was surfing the internet a while ago and stumbled upon a food called ‘hot cake’ I quickly clicked on the recipe to learn more but alas, it was pancake in some other fancy name. So next time you come across these words- hotcake, flapjacks, johnnycakes and griddle cakes, know that it means the same as the pancake you and I know.

bitten slice whole meal bread with topping of salad and herbs

Easy Avocado Egg Salad


Nothing says quick breakfast than this easy avocado egg salad on toast.  It is delicious and very easy to make too. This will be ready in 15 minutes or under. Avocado Egg Salad I know I have said this quite a number of times that I am sorry for MIA. […]

how to make breakfast potatoes
Breakfast brunch healthy

Easy Breakfast Potatoes


Easy breakfast potatoes made with just 3 ingredients, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and packed with flavour.  These breakfast potatoes are so easy to make and quick as well, they make a perfect side to breakfast or brunch I look forward to breakfast on weekends, I am […]

image of zucchini frittata with a cup of milky coffee

Zucchini Frittata


  I really love eggie breakfast and frittata would always be a winner in my book especially on days I want to bulk up my meals with vegetables. Zucchini frittata has been making an appearance on my table for a while now. I once made a reference in one of […]

easy french toast recipe
Bread Breakfast

Easy French Toast Recipe


Recently, breakfast at mine on weekends has been the yummy and amazing easy French toast. Easy French Toast It is one of the easiest eggy breakfasts you can whip up. I don’t normally cook on Sunday mornings but since my little madam suddenly became fussy about food, I have no […]

how to make omelette in nigeria
Breakfast brunch healthy

Cheesy spicy omelette


This yummy, cheesy, spicy omelette is a copycat from Zilly’s place at Euston. Omelette is one easy meal to throw up in the kitchen and it can be adapted to preference. I apologise  lovies as I don’t have a step by step photo, as I would normally do but really […]

moinmoin recipe
Beans Breakfast

MoiMoi Elewe (MoinMoin)


Moimoi elewe is the authentic way of cooking moinmoin in Nigeria. Moimoi is popularly eaten as breakfast and mostly served with yellow or white pap or bread MoiMoi Elewe My mam makes the best moimoi elewe. The last time she visited, I made sure she made some moi moi for […]

chicken suya sandwich
Breakfast Chicken

Agege Bread Chicken Suya Melt Sandwich


Who says no to fluffy and soft agege bread and cheese? Ok I love cheese and it’s also no news that I love chicken too. Are you thinking about the combination of the three in your mouth already? I made this chicken melt sandwich with agege bread for a change and to be fair…

oatmeal pancake recipe

Oatmeal Pancake


If you are looking to enjoy your regular breakfast-favourite with a guilt free mind, then you are reading the right post. You really don’t have to eat boring meals when making a lifestyle change food wise. All you need do is some few smart swaps and you will be eating yourself healthy before know you it. This oatmeal pancake is very easy to make and full of fibre too.