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How To Make the Fluffiest Nigerian Pancake Ever

I was surfing the internet a while ago and stumbled upon a food called ‘hot cake’ I quickly clicked on the recipe to learn more but alas, it was pancake in some other fancy name. So next time you come across these words- hotcake, flapjacks, johnnycakes and griddle cakes, know that it means the same as the pancake you and I know.

homemade bread recipe
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Spicy Cheese Bread

I was a year older yesterday and I thank God for his grace to witness another wonderful year. I look back to where I started from and where I’m going. The last year has been so good and also challenging but hey, I’m still standing.


How To Make Akamu/Ogi Using Cornmeal

Let me start off by saying I have got some Ijebu blood in me and that means where I need to be prudent, especially in my kitchen, I make sure I use all the resources available to minimise cost and still maximise the output. I used to buy akamu (also called ogi or pap) from the African stores here but majority of the time,

how to cook garden egg stew
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Garden egg stew

Happy Monday my lovies, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and how was Father’s day on your side?  The highlight of the weekend for me was in church, the Sunday school topic was about the man being the head of the home and the most interesting part was when a question was asked about owning a joint account with your spouse. 

how to cook egg stew
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Egg Stew Recipe

This is one of my quick posts as I like to call them but I end up writing an epistle. This is another one of my mother’s recipes, and we have this mostly at weekends for breakfast. It is very easy to make but can easily go wrong too. One of the DON’Ts of this recipe is never

moi moi recipe
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Moi Moi (Moin Moin)

Moi moi also called moin moin is another popular food eaten in Nigeria. It is made by blending peeled bean, adding fillings of choice and then steaming it. Originally, moi moi is cooked in leaves but in the present day, there has been a lot of improvisation. Moi moi Leaf is hard to come by where I live, so most of the time I cook my moi moi in nylon, foil paper, plastic

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Easy banana and coconut loaf

My friend and her son visited us sometime before Easter and I, being my naughty self got her to bake with the kids before she left. She couldn’t say no and yes it was really fun, the kids loved every bit of it. My daughter and her son were just over the moon and bless her she was really patient with them.