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Breakfast Recipes

Looking for easy breakfast ideas, here you will find perfect breakfast recipes to help give your morning a great start. The recipes in these categories are quick and easy to make and you have a lot to choose from. Also, if what you are looking for is Nigerian breakfast ideas, you are in the right place, These are some of my favourites from yam and egg sauce to Zucchini frittata to spinach smoothie. You have no excuse to skip breakfast again

moinmoin recipe
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MoiMoi Elewe (MoinMoin)


Moimoi elewe is the authentic way of cooking moinmoin in Nigeria. Moimoi is popularly eaten as breakfast and mostly served with yellow or white pap or bread MoiMoi Elewe My mam makes the best moimoi elewe. The last time she visited, I made sure she made some moi moi for […]

oatmeal pancake recipe
Breakfast Recipes

Oatmeal Pancake


If you are looking to enjoy your regular breakfast-favourite with a guilt free mind, then you are reading the right post. You really don’t have to eat boring meals when making a lifestyle change food wise. All you need do is some few smart swaps and you will be eating yourself healthy before know you it. This oatmeal pancake is very easy to make and full of fibre too.

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Egg in Toast Cups


So I have been trying new foods lately, trying out new recipes and one of my latest new found love for breakfast choice is overnight oats (recipe coming soon, if you want it). I love the overnight oat because I don’t have to do any cooking, yes I can be that lazy and not want to cook. I also fell in love with my egg in toast cups

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Plantain Moi Moi


Are you still letting the bin enjoy the goodness of your over ripe plantain? Well, I have got good news for you. As long as your plantain is not rotten, you can make yourself this lovely plantain pudding also known as epiti or ukpo ogede.  If you love eating moi moi (moin moin) then this is another lovely recipe for you to try out in your kitchen. 

Breakfast Recipes, Yam Recipes

Ugwu Omelette and Yam Toasties


I met this lovely lady recently, we started talking….she checked my blog and said right; you have to start posting recipes for ‘healthy eating fanatics’ like her. She said her husband’s dietary needs made her change her eating habit/culture and she’s now hooked to eating right. She told me about her ugwu omelette,

fish roll
Breakfast Recipes

Crunchy Bread and Fish roll (Nigerian Fish Roll)


Happy hump day my lovelies, how is the week going? Today, I’m sharing with you one of my not-so-secret recipes called bread and fish roll, yes you read that right. The days I’m too lazy to make my own pastry for fish roll or any other filling, I just use sliced bread.  Bread roll is quick, easy, healthy and kids-friendly.

how to cook garden egg stew
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Garden egg stew


Happy Monday my lovies, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and how was Father’s day on your side?  The highlight of the weekend for me was in church, the Sunday school topic was about the man being the head of the home and the most interesting part was when a question was asked about owning a joint account with your spouse.