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Soft Buns and Chilli Caramel Sauce…


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Christmas season calls for all good food and some very lovely treat, Nigerian buns being one of them. Here is another super easy soft buns recipe that can be on your Christmas table. You can have buns as a starter or dessert, the choice is yours. It is easy and yummy but let me warn you if you are on a strict diet, Nigerian soft buns are not for you as you won’t be able to stop at one. So be warned!

Also, this buns recipe can pass for puff puff without yeast. Puff puff is another popular Nigeria recipe and I am a sucker for it.

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Ingredients to make soft buns

400g self raisin flour

2-3tbsp of sugar

400ml-600ml milk/water (use half part milk, half water if using full fat milk)

2tbsp ground ginger spice

1tsp cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Vanilla flavouring essence (optional)

Vegetable oil for deep frying

ingredients for easy caramel sauce

150g Butter

150g Light brown sugar

120ml full fat milk/cream

Pinch of chilli (optional)

How to make Nigerian soft buns

In a shallow bowl, mix all dry ingredients together then add milk to form a thick stretchy batter.

image of flour ginger, sugar and all spices in a mixing bowl

image of flour batter in a bowl


In a deep pan, heat up vegetable oil on medium-high heat. Scoop batter mixture in bits into the oil and fry till golden brown. Continue this process for the remaining batter. Drain the buns and set aside.

a close shot of nigerian soft buns and caramel dipping sauce

How to make easy caramel sauce

On low heat, place a pan and melt butter and sugar till sugar dissolves.

Stir in milk and continue to stir till the sauce starts to bubble. Remove pan from heat stir in the chilli and serve warm with the rocky buns…

buns placed on a white bowl with a bowl containing caramel sauce for dipping

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  1. Well-done aunt Ajoke, pls how can I bake without oven.

  2. Hi Ajoke! I have never left you a mmessage before now but i want you to know that you’re my kitchen Buddy. I love your recipes and i have tried a few! Meat Pie, Sausage roll, puff puff and soft buns, and they all tasted soooo good! I get into my kitchen and say to myself “So Ajoke what are we making today?” Lol!!! Thank you soo much for the recipes. Have you tried making Dankuwa yet? Lotsa luv for you gurrl!😁🤗♥️👌🏽

  3. Love it, so interesting. I will try it for my Learners. Thank you

  4. 5 stars

    Lovely,I have been looking for this smooth kind of Buns recipe,pls have you tried it without the ginger spice before,because I will be trying it without it to see if it will give me the same taste as the one I wanted.
    Very clean webisite.cheers

  5. 400g is how many cups

  6. This is yummy.


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