Ramadan Kareem


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Ramadan Kareem! I pray the blessings of Ramadan won’t elude each and every one of you. Amin! I would like to use this post to thank my Muslim readers, My stat shows that you’ve found the Nigerian Ramadan food timetable I made some years ago relevant. I know Ramadan is ending in a couple of days and I apologise for not coming up with any new Ramadan recipes before now. In fact, I wrote a post to share on the first day of Ramadan but life got in the way and I was unable to publish it.

Ramadan Travel

I understand how food planning during this Ramadan period can be, especially if you live in the UK. It takes forever for the sun to set. You guys rock! My friend’s body system found it hard to cope with what to eat and he’s opted for a very simple diet to help his system. Meal planning can be very difficult during this period too and that is why I came up with this meal planner to help as a guide and also to make sure you feed your body properly during this crucial time. I would maybe at some point next year do another menu that will be fit for purpose for my readers from the UK.

You will be glad to know I am counting down with you too and I am sure you will be happy to know it will be over soon, yay!

How and where will you be spending your Eid or Sallah as popularly called in Nigeria? Some of my Muslim friends are already planning a trip to Lagos and then to Dubai. I have never been to Dubai but it’s at the top of my to-do list especially now that I can travel without paying for my baby (she’s under two) It would have to be on a budget too so trust me to be searching for the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai. Food and travel go hand in hand, I am looking forward to all the beautiful food I have missed back home but most of all, the beautiful sight to be seen in Dubai and I will be documenting every bit of it. You too can find cheap flights to Dubai and take advantage of the holiday.

Surprise yourself, friends or spouse with a holiday, find a cheap flight to Dubai for that holiday of your life and your body would thank you for it. Thank you for reading and I will see you all on my next post

Ramadan Timetable to help you plan your menu

Ramadan week one timetable 

Week 2 timetable

Ramadan Week 3 timetable 

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