eba roll

Eba roll/Croissant

how to make eba roll

Gone are the days when we slap Nigerian food on the plate. This current day, our soup staples (morsel types) are presented in an appealing and appetising ways.  I posted Ofe Onugbu on Facebook recently and I had a request on how to make Eba roll, I know this post (eba roll) is available on some other food blogs but hey it is rather late here than never.

Here is my take on ways to make your starchy morsel food look very appealing and I tried making eba croissant too. Enjoy

how to make eba roll

What you will need

Premade morsel food of choice (swallow/solid as called in Nigeria)

Rolling pin

Cling film or plastic bag


Eba roll

If you have worked with dough before, you may find this very easy

On a plain surface, cut cling film or plastic bag into 2 big sizes. One to put the eba on and the other to cover the eba with.

Use a rolling pin to flatten the eba and  remove the cling film covering the eba.

Cut out uneven side to form a rectangle/square

Roll or fold eba from one end to another

there you have it EBA ROLL

Eba Croissant

Using the same flattening method from eba roll

Using a large knife or pizza cutter, cut out triangles from the rectangle starting from the far edge of the rectangle.

Cut a small slit in the middle of the triangle,

Using both hands, hold on to the each end of the triangle base and  roll eba to form a crescent.

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 Serve with Nigerian soup of choice. Enjoy.x


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