Nigerian macaroni and cheese recipe

Easy Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese


Did someone say cheese or is it macaroni and cheese you are saying, yeah cheese and plenty of it? Lol, so I have been converted to a cheese addict since my daughter started nursery. She wouldn’t eat any meal from school if it doesn’t have cheese in it. She has managed to eat curry and vegetable successfully since this post. lol

So I stepped up my game too, and now make her food more fun other than what she would usually get from school. Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food, it is creamy with plenty of yummy cheese and it is very easy to whip up. I had to add some smoked bacon and pepper to mine as it ticks all the boxes for me.

I love me some mac and cheese and it can either be made on the stove top or baked. I always prefer the stovetop meal to the baked one but hey, if any recipe calls for cheese you can bet my daughter and I would be the first to say yes please. Come on and let’s cook…


What you will need

400g pasta of any shape

300 – 400g of grated cheddar cheese



1 green bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

Ham (optional)

500ml milk

Crushed chilli flakes

1tbs veg oil

2tbs flour


Wash the peppers, de-seed and cut into tiny cubes, set aside till you are ready to use

Cut the ham into small pieces and set aside till you are ready to use

Place the pasta in a pan, cover with enough water, add salt and bring to boil till al dente, drain and set aside


Prep the peppers

Add a pan to a medium heat, add the diced peppers and stir fry for about 2 minutes, add seasoning, crushed chillies and chopped ham and fry for another 4 minutes till pepper is soft and still crunchy.


To make mac and cheese

Add the milk to a pan and bring to boil on low heat for about 5 minutes, mix the flour with water to form a paste, add the flour paste to the milk and whisk till its lump free and a creamy sauce is achieved

Add the cheese to the milk mixture and continue to whisk till its lump free and very creamy and cheesy of course

Add the drained pasta to the cheese sauce and mix to combine and all pasta covered with the sauce, add the stir fry and mix with the pasta till evenly coated. Serve warm immediately. There you have it, yummy, cheesy, comforting and super easy


macaroni and cheese recipe

Super yum you’d say… Don’t forget to tag us your food photo or leave us a comment if you recreate this easy stovetop macaroni and cheese recipe. x


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