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Coconut Candy with Nuts


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This coconut candy is so delicious that I dare you to stop at one.
One of the many treats I looked forward to whilst growing up, was coconut candy without the nuts. I remember going to the stall of this woman and her children who sold the candy in wholesale, I usually go with my friends and we would get discounts and crumbs because we were young high school students. I also remember making this at home back then with my Aunt and we would sell to our friends and families. For this quick tasty treat which can also be substituted for an energy bar if eaten in moderation, I added peanuts and cashew nuts for a little twist and I caramelised the sugar a bit more. This recipe is quick but I must warn that care has to be taken when caramelising the sugar. If you would be making this with young children, make sure they are supervised by an adult and the sugar bit must be done by an adult only. Let’s crack on people.

3 balls of coconut candy.


1-2 whole coconut

200g sugar

150g cashew and peanut mixture (optional)

60-100ml of water

How to make coconut candy

Break the coconut and get rid of shell, use a grater and grate coconut (save coconut water if you are able to)

If you are able to save some coconut water, add to a pan and place on medium heat and if not just use water, add sugar and leave to dissolve. Do not stir the mixture and cook on low heat only. Keep an eye on the sugar solution and watch for bubbles till colour changes to caramel. Once the mixture starts to thicken and become more caramelised, add the grated coconut and peanuts (Please be careful of the hot sauce) and stir into the caramelised sauce gently till well combined. Continue stirring till the mixture becomes sticky and browner.

coconut candy.

Transfer the coconut mixture to a tray and leave to cool. Alternatively, chill in the fridge till it hardens. Once the coconut is cool, mould into desired shapes or simply cut out into bars.

process shot of how to make coconut candy.

Please note that the sugar content in this is high, so eat in moderation. I shall be posting the unadulterated Nigerian version of coconut candy soon. Before then, enjoy this coconut candy and check out this Krispies Treat recipe. You will love it

3 balls of coconut candy.

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