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Desserts and cake recipes

Looking for something sweet, these dessert recipes are the answer to your sweet craving needs. I recommend this Apple crumble here. It is a great recipe for any time of the year

mango Popsicle.
Desserts and cake recipes

Mango Popsicle


Mango popsicle made with 3 simple ingredients. Fresh mango, honey and natural plain yogurt. This is a natural and refreshing summer treat, talk about enjoying what you love without the guilt. If you love eating fresh mangoes, then this 3 ingredient mango popsicles recipe is for you. It is very […]

stack of rice krispie treat
Desserts and cake recipes

Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe


This best Rice Krispie treat recipe is made with 3 simple ingredients, marshmallows, butter and Rice Krispies. It is so delicious, ridiculously easy to make and tastes better with a drizzle of chocolate. This rice Krispie treat is an Easter worthy recipe! Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe It takes massive […]

a close shot of apple crumble in a ramekin
Desserts and cake recipes

Apple Crumble For Two


The easiest apple crumble made just for two. This warm and comforting dessert is very easy to make and it’s a perfect recipe for all year round. The first time I had apple crumble was when I moved to the UK and  I haven’t looked back since then. I enjoyed […]

a close shot of triangular scone with a rind of lemon as garnish
Desserts and cake recipes

Lemon Scones


Lemon scones is an amazing treat for any time of the day,  scones for breakfast, brunch, late-night snack bring it on. I could eat this all day! It is quick and easy to make, you can serve this lemon curd, cream or jam. I bet you won’t be able to […]

chocolate truffle on a white marble table with a bowl of chocolate on the side
Desserts and cake recipes

Garri Chocolate Truffle


I know I say this lot of times that I get excited each time I create a special recipe. Really this time, I am super excited to share this amazing sweet nibble with you all. I call it garri truffle, yeah you heard right… Truffle made with garri. If you grew up enjoying garri cake then you would understand this garri truffle.

Desserts and cake recipes

Nutty Oatmeal Cookies


My cookie journey started when I baked my first ever Millies cookies using this recipe I found here, I have since then not looked back. Though, I seldom bake cookies just for one simple reason, I don’t want to be addicted to them. They are very addictive! I bake them to remind myself that I still have my  A- game on in baking.