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Budget-friendly okra recipes to keep you full and happy. Learn how to cook easy okra dishes in the comfort of your kitchen with these easy to follow recipes. Okra soup is popularly eaten in Africa with Eba, amala, maize, fufu or pounded yam. In this category, you can choose from ila alasepo recipe, plain okra soup, stock fish okro soup, banga okra soup and more!

ila asepo recipe
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Ila Alasepo


It is no news that I love okra soup either plain or as ila alasepo like it’s called in my language, in fact, I cook okra/ila alasepo at least once a week and it is always in my freezer. This effortless ila alasepo is one of my favourites and it […]

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Nigerian soup okra dishes

Plain Okra Soup


Plain okra soup is a staple in most Yoruba household. It is a very basic soup recipe but very tasty and it is mostly accompanied with stew (like buka stew) There are many ways to cook and enjoy okra soup but the plain okra soup is the easiest especially if […]

oil less okra soup recipe
healthy okra dishes

Oil Less Okra Soup


Yaay… Guess who finally cooked oil free okra? Yes, me and I didn’t use salt too… I seriously can’t believe it took me this long to make this guilt free, yummy and healthy Nigerian soup.  I have always known I could make it but the oil eating habit in me shelved the idea. Thanks to healthy eating, I now find it possible and also easy to make too

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Mr Monday’s Okra Stew


When I was pregnant with my daughter, all I could manage to eat at some point was Mr Monday’s okra soup. Ok, before you start wondering, Mr Monday is hubby’s work colleague and this okra soup was one of their go to soup when the boys were hungry then. The first time I had this meal I couldn’t believe my mouth. Lol.