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Nigerian Puff Puff

Puff puff will always remain a bae anywhere you find it. It is one of the favourite snacks of Nigerians, a popular street food and I make it a lot and I mean a lot to a point that I recently told myself I won’t make it for at least another month.  Puff puff has always been my weakness and I need puff puff detox.

a close shot of garlic butter shrimp
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Garlic Butter Shrimp

Easy Garlic butter shrimp. These shrimps are lovingly cooked in garlic, butter, chilli and lemon juice. They were tender and juicy to the last bite. Garlic Butter Shrimp I don’t want to say this garlic butter shrimp is the best as I have other shrimp recipes coming your way soon.  […]

crispy and sticky asian chicken wings! this is an all rounder chicken recipe for all occasions, coated in honey, garlic and soy sauce, this sticky chicken wings is very easy to make too.
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Sticky Asian Chicken Wings

Sticky Asian chicken wings!!! These chicken wings are not only sticky and sweet, but they are also crispy and falls right off the bones. In case you are wondering why there is another chicken recipe on the blog, well I love chicken. I have confessed my love to this so […]

image of mr biggs Nigerian meat pies
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Nigerian meat pie

I am yet to come across a Nigerian that doesn’t love meat pie. Meat pie is one of Nigeria’s popular street snack and it’s loved by all. Growing up, I always look forward to when my mum would make it or when my dad would buy for us for being good, from one of the popular confectioneries. Meat pie is not just a Nigerian thing;

salt and pepper chicken wings on a plate placed on a blue surface.
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Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

It’s takeaway night and the first thing that pops into my head is salt and pepper chicken wings. Honestly, my choice for Chinese takeaway is not much. I would only eat anything with prawn, rice, chips and salt and pepper chicken wings. These salt and pepper chicken wings are full […]

picture of puff-buns
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Puff-Buns why not? Nigerians love for puff puff and buns knows no bound, we don’t joke with it at all. Puff Puff and Buns (Puff Buns) I was at uncle slim’s house the other day and the boys couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted puff puff or buns. […]

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2 Ingredient Easy Chicken Wings

Hiya, I feel like I have been MIA. Well, I apologise as I have been caught up with the things of life, how are you all doing and how’s the week going so far? Today I will be sharing with you the easiest chicken wings recipe ever. This is just a 2 ingredient recipe and you wouldn’t believe how amazing it tastes. 

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Chin Chin

We Nigerians don’t joke with our street foods at all. In fact they are like the things that keep us going and together. We love our foods and we forget all our sorrows and problems and just enjoy the moment. One of our favourite street snack is chin chin.