easy spicy chicken wrap

Easy Chicken Wrap

This easy chicken wrap is fully packed with flavour, loaded with chicken, yogurt-mayo dressing and fresh crunchy salad! With only 20 minutes cooking time and couple of pantry essentials, you are on to a great lunch or dinner. Easy chicken wrap! This recipe has become a staple in my home, […]

crispy and sticky asian chicken wings! this is an all rounder chicken recipe for all occasions, coated in honey, garlic and soy sauce, this sticky chicken wings is very easy to make too.
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Sticky Asian Chicken Wings

Sticky Asian chicken wings!!! These chicken wings are not only sticky and sweet, but they are also crispy and falls right off the bones. In case you are wondering why there is another chicken recipe on the blog, well I love chicken. I have confessed my love to this so […]

baked spicy chicken thigh on a plate with coleslaw

Spicy Chicken Thigh

I  loooove chicken, feed me with chicken for days and I would be home and dry but please make sure the chicken is moist and spicy. Ain’t nobody got time for bland or dry chicken. My best part of a chicken is the leg and I must be able to crack the bones too. There is a supermarket around here and each time I go to buy my groceries

salt and pepper chicken wings on a plate placed on a blue surface.
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Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

It’s takeaway night and the first thing that pops into my head is salt and pepper chicken wings. Honestly, my choice for Chinese takeaway is not much. I would only eat anything with prawn, rice, chips and salt and pepper chicken wings. These salt and pepper chicken wings are full […]

image of salt and pepper chips and baked chicken on the side
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Salt and Pepper Chips

I visited my friend a while ago she served me chicken and chips, the chips was the best I’ve ever had. Honestly, it was just chips but the taste was heavenly and I even had second round. If I tell you the secret to those heavenly chips was just onions. Frozen chips fried with onions and that took it from the normal chips to gourmet for me.

nigerian style chicken wings
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My Nigerian-Style Chicken Wings

It’s no news that I love anything chicken; roasted, baked, fried or boiled, bring it and I will be all over it. This finger licking chicken wing will give your Chinese takeaway a good run for their money. Honestly, I’m not blowing my own trumpet but it’s that good. This chicken is a crowd pleaser and it will be gone in minutes