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Salad Recipes

A collection of my favourites salad recipes from easy Italian pasta salad to Nigerian salad to my 5 minutes coleslaw recipe to simple potato salad.  These simple salad recipes are delicious and they are very easy to put together. They are a perfect side to accompany your main dishes, you can’t go wrong with any of these salad recipes. They are delicious!

A bowl of potato salad.
Salad Recipes, Side Dish Recipe

Simple Potato Salad Recipe


Simple potato salad recipe! An ideal dish for summer parties, family dinners and a great recipe all year round. This creamy potato salad is loaded with chives, light mayo, salad cream and dill. This is the best potato salad recipe you will ever make. I know this is a bold […]

italian pasta salad.
Salad Recipes, Side Dish Recipe

Easy Italian Pasta Salad


Easy Italian pasta salad!! this simple pasta salad recipe has rotini, fresh mozzarella, onions, piccolo tomatoes, olives and salami in it. it is drenched in the best homemade Italian dressing ever. Yass it is officially summer and with the sun out now, you are guaranteed easy and quick delicious recipes […]

italian dressing in a jar.
Salad Recipes

Best Homemade Italian Dressing


This is the best homemade Italian dressing you can whip up in 5 minutes. What is not to love about it? This Italian dressing recipe is amazing and the addition of Parmesan cheese takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness. As you know, nothing beats homemade! Not only […]

homemade coleslaw in a bowl placed on a napkin
Salad Recipes

How to Make Coleslaw (5 Minutes Coleslaw )


When you see carrots and cabbage lying fallow in your fridge, what comes to mind? Coleslaw right? Well, if you are a huge fan of coleslaw, then this 5 minutes recipe is for you. Take the regular coleslaw to another level by adding spring onions and coconut shavings to it. Coconut to me, takes most dish to a whole new level. 

how to make vegetable couscous
Salad Recipes, Side Dish Recipe

Vegetable Couscous


This vegetable couscous is good to eat on its own or as a side dish, it is light and very quick to make, you would make this vegetable couscous in less than 30 minutes, yes it’s that quick Vegetable Couscous Recently, I started trying to eat healthily and do some […]

pasta salad recipe
Salad Recipes

Fusilli Pasta Salad


Summer, barbeque, cold drinks, pasta salads… sound familiar? Well, I am excited about this fusilli pasta salad right here; I can boastfully say it’s the best. Dang! I said it haha, honestly apart from the fact that this fusilli pasta salad is the best, I had my daughter asking for […]

plantain salad recipe
Plantain Recipes, Salad Recipes

Plantain salad and Spicy Avocado Dressing


A lovely reader of mine left a comment on one of my posts sometime ago and she mentioned she’s vegan. I was really amazed and happy that the blog is for everyone and some of the recipes are easily adaptable to any dietary need. I made some plantain salad (bole salad) with spicy avocado dressing after I purchased “lean in Nigeria” ebook from

Salad Recipes

How to Make Nigerian Salad


If you’d guessed salad was going to be my next post then you are so right. I just couldn’t afford to let the remaining vegetables used for the chicken shawarma go to waste – food recycling. I had to put it to good use. It is difficult to get Africans to eat salad but thanks to the ‘get fit’ obsession going around.

Salad Recipes, Yam Recipes

Ponmo Salad


I know what you are thinking, really? Ponmo salad? Why not! If you eat potato, fish, beef and chicken salad then ponmo salad shouldn’t sound weird to you at all. Ponmo (cow skin) is well loved by all; it is affordable and has been nourishing lives since 1800. Lol. This simple recipe is another twist to Nigerian salad.