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Small Chops Recipes

Nigerian small chop recipes are medley of finger foods or bite-size snacks served at Nigerian parties. Samosa and Puff puff is the most commonly served. I can’t resist them myself. Small chops are usually served as an appetizers/starter and it is sometimes made available for the duration of the party rather than the begining. In fact, small chops are an important part of any owanbe (this is what we call a party in Nigeria)

Do you want to learn how to make the best small chops recipes that are not only great in pictures but utterly delicious? You are in the right place. In this category, you will find puff puff recipe to samosa to plantain mosa to fried chicken wing, chin chin and many more.

These recipes are very easy to make and if you perfect them, they can be a source of income for you. There are many small chop business in Nigeria and diaspora but I can assure you that with these recipes here YOU WILL STAND OUT.

how to make kokoro snacks
Nigerian snacks, Small Chops Recipes

How To Make Kokoro


I’m starting today’s post with a little humour, if you don’t know what kokoro, sisi pelebe(peanut brittle), ekanna gowan (sugar candy), balewa, baba dudu and the likes are, then we are seriously not mates. Lol I feel like Methuselah now. I’m just kidding. Growing up, Kokoro was one of my favourite snacks, it is crunchy, sweet and spicy

puff puff recipe
Nigerian snacks, Small Chops Recipes

Choc Chip and Vanilla Puff Puff


The last time I posted a recipe for puff puff, I mentioned that I needed a puf-fpuff detox. To be honest, I have not been able to keep away and I have been playing with a lot of different flavours to make it gourmet. This recipe is one of the many that I’ve tried and I loved every bite of it. The most interesting part is that,

nigerian sausage roll
Nigerian snacks, Small Chops Recipes

Sausage Roll


One of the many snacks a Nigerian wouldn’t say no to, is sausage roll. It is a tasty snack and very easy to make too. I was at home last weekend and I had plans to make some sausage rolls for a friend but after I baked these little devils, I tasted one and I was hooked. I changed my mind instantly. I know it is bad and selfish of me but lord knows you would do the same.