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Choc Chip and Vanilla Puff Puff


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how to make nigerian puff puff

The last time I posted a recipe for puff puff, I mentioned that I needed a puf-fpuff detox. To be honest, I have not been able to keep away and I have been playing with a lot of different flavours to make it gourmet. This choc chip vanilla puff puff is one of the many that I’ve tried and I loved every bite of it. The most interesting part is that, I didn’t have to go out to buy any new ingredient as I used all I had in my pantry. Do you know that if you warm or microwave your jam, it can easily double as a sauce/compote? Coming from an addict (lol), don’t make it an everyday habit but an occasional treat.

how to make puff puff


600g all-purpose flour

7-10g fast-action yeast (I always use a sachet 7g)

150g sugar (use as desired)

1tbsp vanilla essence

100-200g choc chips (use as desired)

½ tsp salt

550-650g Lukewarm Water

1-3tbsp chilli flakes (substitute with cayenne pepper) optional

Vegetable oil for frying

Puff puff needs proofing, so you will need a shallow big bowl that will allow for proofing

If you are using a fast action yeast, you don’t need to proof the yeast, just add to the flour

nigerian puff puff Choc and vanilla puff-puff dipped in melted strawberry jam

How to fry vanilla puff puff

In a shallow bowl, add flour and salt together (combine salt with flour first)

Add other dry ingredients and combine well

Add lukewarm water to the dry mixture in bits to form a batter. You can add 500g at first then check if it needs more water.

Add vanilla essence and chocolate chips and combine well together.

nigerian puff puff recipe

Cover the bowl with a cling film or a damp towel and place in a warm place to proof. (Till batter doubles in size usually between an hour or two. You can leave it for longer if you want)

Once the mixture has risen and doubled in size, you then move on to frying.

1. On medium-high heat, add enough oil to a  frying pan and heat till hot. Drop a tiny bit of batter in hot oil to test and if the batter floats to the top of the heat then it is ready to use. Squeeze batter in-between your palm and allow it to drop freely into the oil (reduce the heat a bit to allow the puff-puff cook though)

2. Fry puff puff on both sides till golden brown

image of puff puff being fried in hot oil

3.Repeat the process till you have exhausted the batter

Note: don’t worry if you get particles from the chocolate in your oil, it is totally fine and shouldn’t affect the taste and appearance of the puff-puff

how to make puff puff

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  1. Hello there, would it not be best to add the chocolate chips at the point at which you want to fry? Just wondering if chocolate would melt during proofing. Thanks

  2. two thumbs up!

  3. Thanks so much for the recipe. I have a question though. sometimes i make puffpuff and its soft, sometimes i make and its hard almost buns-like. Please is there something i am doing wrong? I saw somewhere that to have stretchy soft puffpuff, onne must mix well when adding water before proofing, is that correct?
    Thanks once again

    • Tee, well it might be advisable to mix the batter well before proofing and I think you may not be adding enough water to the batter hence the bun-like texture. try adding just enough water to it next time and see how you get on. Thanks and do keep me posted.

  4. can’t wait to try this, double yum…

  5. You are the bomb dear, I’ve always known it could be done but too lazy to try it. Good job

  6. great site! love the detailed instructions and the pictures also…keep up the great work! God Bless you!


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