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Ofada Stew Recipe


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Ofada stew recipe with boiled eggs (stew soaked eggs). Oh yes please, honestly this ofada stew is one of the best things I have cooked recently, It is quick to make and requires few ingredients. I say this all the time, it is not quantity that makes good food but the quality and love that goes into it.

Ofada stew is enjoyed in every part of Nigeria, it is mostly paired with ofada rice. I bet you, I make the best!!! well if I do say so myself. This stew is just the truth, I use roasted bell pepper for this stew but please feel free to use it fresh if you don’t have access to an oven. I have other ofada stew recipe on the blog, do not hesitate to check them out. Let’s get cooking Ofada stew recipe 1.3 lol

ofada stew with ponmo, assorted meat and egg soaked in stew. It is served with plain boiled rice.


3-4 red bell pepper (tatashe)

50g crushed chilli flakes

50g locust beans (iru woro)

Salt to taste

Seasoning (bouillion of choice)

300ml vegetable oil (substitute with palm oil)

1 large onion

Ground crayfish (optional)

Pre-cooked chopped assorted meat

3 plates of ofada stew and plain rice served in a leave placed on white plates.

How to make ofada stew

Prep!  Prep! and prep!!! This will only take about 30-45 minutes

Chop the onions, boil the eggs, peel and set aside, wash and rinse the locust beans,  deseed the red bell peppers, rinse and  place on a baking tray, spray little oil on it and roast in the oven for about 20 minutes or till a little bit charred (but not burnt) once it is done to your satisfaction, add to a blender with some chopped onions (reserve some for later) or food processor and blend coarsely.

cooked ponmo, chilli flakes in bowl, locust beans and roasted pepper on a baking tray.

Place a pan on a medium heat and leave till hot (check that the pot is dry too) Add the vegetable oil (or palm oil) and leave to bleach for about 5 minutes or longer (this stage is optional, leave longer if using palm oil) and please remember to keep the kitchen ventilated when doing this.

This stage is also optional; you can fry the chopped meat in the oil or grill for a healthier option. If you choose to do the first, remove the meat from the oil once fried and drain on a paper towel.

assorted meat being fried in a pot over the stove.

Add chopped onions to the hot oil and stir carefully (the onions will infuse with the oil) add the blended pepper and locust beans to the oil. Be careful at this point as the pepper might splatter if the oil is too hot. Add the chilli flakes and stir to combine.  Continue to cook for another 5 minutes, add boiled eggs and ground crayfish. Stir carefully into the stew and leave to cook for another 15 minutes on medium heat. Check at interval and stir to avoid burning, add salt and seasoning to taste.

pepper cooking over the stove.

Add the chopped assorted meat and stir carefully into the stew (Just look at those eggs and say hmnnnn, ama get you soon. Lol)

Cook for another 7-12 minutes and by this time oil should be floating on the surface of the stew. Check for salt, seasoning and adjust accordingly. Decant oil and serve your ofada stew with fluffy ofada rice. Oh yes you can thank me later. Wink wink

overhead shot of ofada stew recipe served with plain white rice.

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ofada stew and rice served on a banana leaf.

Enjoy. If you try out this recipe, I would really love to hear from you. Tag me your pictures on Instagram and Facebook, tell me how you get on and let’s rub minds. hahaha

This recipe had picture facelift this year, I have kept the picture below for reference.

how to make ofada stew



  1. Ogechi okechukwu

    Hello Ajoke, can you show how to cook ofada rice. I tried cooking once but, I smell was too much unlike the ofada I buy outside. Thank you.

  2. Is ayamase stew the same as ofada stew?

  3. Anieto Adaobi

    5 stars
    Just got tied of my usual stew and I tried this ofada stew recipe yesterday It was our world of stew. Thnks so much for this idea . My family loves it

    • Hi Adaobi, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the ofada sauce recipe. Thanks for stopping by and do check back for more yummy recipes

  4. Hi! What Type of meat do you prefer in this recipe? Thanks

  5. Please what is chilli flakes and is after granding the locust bean I add or I don’t grand it at All?

    • Hello, kindly refer to the post for the picture of chilli flake. The locust bean was also not blended into the stew. You would add the chilli flakes after you have added the fresh pepper and locust beans.

  6. Well done, please I want ingredient for jollof rice please

  7. Hi! Is it neccessary to boil the pepper blend before frying?

  8. 5 stars
    I just found you on google and i am so glad!!!!!!!!!

  9. Well done. Just want something to be clarified. Isn’t ofada stew supposed to be made with unripe pepper and compulsorily palm oil? Say that you used ripe ones. Because, I grew up in remo and the ones I buy from those mama is usually green-like and dark in colour. Thanks.

  10. Thks for this tasty recipe.

  11. I do have but dry locust beans. What quantity should i use? Thanks in advance


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